Ready-to-use prefabricated house - what you should know

If you decide on a prefabricated house, you have various options for implementing this project. The most common and popular is the prefabricated or turnkey prefabricated house; What you should know about the prices and services of this variant is explained in this article.

All inclusive

At the latest when planning your prefabricated house, you must decide whether you want to build it ready for occupancy or as a development house. While your prefabricated house company takes over all the work of the interior design at the prefabricated house, so you only have to move in, a lot of work awaits you at the development house. Here you have to do the interior work yourself; Work on electrical and sanitary belong as well as painting or laying tiles.

The most expensive variant

Take a look at the catalogs of the prefabricated house providers, you will surely notice the different prices for a single house. The most expensive price refers to the key or prefabricated prefabricated house. Before you think about the extra charge for a development house, ask yourself the question: "Can I handle an interior design at all?" Most builders are not only skilled in craftsmanship, but also temporally unable to take over this work.

Ready-to-use prefabricated house - what you should know: prefabricated

What does a ready-to-use prefabricated house cost?

Of course, the prices for a ready-to-use prefabricated house vary greatly, as there are a huge selection of models. In percentage terms, however, the surcharge to a development house is usually similar: If a ready-to-occupancy single-family home costs 200,000 euros, the same model proposes as a development house with about 150,000 euros to book.

Fast-ready - an alternative?

Do you want to save as much money as possible but are willing to take on some of the lighter interior design tasks? Then you have with many providers the opportunity to choose an almost ready-to-move home, which would cost in the example above about 180,000 euros. So if you have some time and a little manual talent, this is a sensible alternative.

Tips & Tricks

Look carefully, if really all services are included in the ready-to-move-in house. Some manufacturers try as cleverly as possible to calculate some additional services. With such high investments it is important to get into the right hands.

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