The real estate appraiser for the home purchase: What costs arise?

If you want to buy an older house, it is best to add a real estate appraiser before purchasing. After a thorough visual inspection, the expert determines the actual value of the house and draws the client's attention to hidden defects. What costs are incurred for the professional report?

What is the orientation of the costs for the real estate appraiser?

The costs of a court-proof appraisal by a real estate appraiser are based on the HOAI, the fee structure for architects and engineers. A high sale value of the appraised house also means that higher costs are incurred for the appraisal.

Calculate for the court-fixed assessment of an average single-family home with costs between about 1,000 and 3,000 EUR. But it is also much cheaper: A simple home-buying consultation with written short assessment is available from about 450 EUR.

The real estate appraiser for the home purchase: What costs arise?: appraiser

Although this simple appraisal has no basis in court, at the tax office and the bank, but helps you to assess the estimated purchase price correctly. So you have a secure foothold in the price negotiations.

Costs for the valuation by the real estate appraiser:

The expert will usually give you an approximately 10-page opinion some time after the visit to the house. You may receive these at a previously agreed fixed price or billing on an hourly basis.

Often the prices for the value determination of single-family homes range between 450 and 1,000 EUR. However, a higher effort is associated with additional costs. If the real estate appraiser takes over the price negotiations with the seller, you still have to pay about 300 EUR.

These points include the value determination

The real estate appraiser will usually make a few measurements in addition to the visual inspection of the house. You will then read the results in the written report, which mostly contains the following items:

  • energetic condition of the house: Is further heat insulation necessary?
  • Results of moisture and dew point measurements
  • Areas with (threatening) mold infestation
  • other defects
  • Guide values ​​for the renovation costs
  • Determination of the current market value

Price example for a valuation by the real estate appraiser

A home buyer orders a real estate appraiser to appraise a single-family home. This creates a short report and takes over the price negotiation with the seller.

Cost overviewprice
1. written valuation670 EUR
2nd price negotiation320 EUR
total990 EUR

Price comparison is also valid for real estate appraisals

The non-court value of a house is subject to relatively strong price fluctuations depending on the provider. Compare the offers of several real estate appraisers before you decide.

Tips & Tricks

Are you interested in buying a condo? Request from your real estate appraiser also an assessment of shared spaces such as basement and stairwell.

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