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High rents and small pensions are often a forward-looking outlook, which tenants want to evade by acquiring the home only too happy. Retirees often spend half of their monthly rental budget.

Financial security in old age is for many people an important reason for the acquisition of home ownership. However, the home offers even more benefits, which should be included in the decision-making.

More quality of life in your own home

Not only the financial security in old age speaks for its own four walls. In contrast to rented accommodation, the home can be adapted to the respective phase of life at any time by means of conversions. What is the playroom for the children in the basement today, can be used tomorrow as a hobby or fitness room.

Problems with the landlord are a thing of the past as owners enjoy a high level of social protection. No landlord can cancel them, increase the rent or, for example, prohibit the keeping of animals.

Real estate financing on the Internet

Comparison of financing concepts

Real estate buyers should start earlier than today to deal with finance issues. A survey from Immobilienscout 24 and Cridon with over 1000 answers shows that many prospective buyers understand that not only the interest of a financing are important, but that it is worthwhile to compare financing concepts. However, the survey also suggests that by no means all homebuyers do so.

The behavior patterns

Four to five months - Property seekers are looking for a long time on average. There are two behaviors of successful homebuyers. On the one hand, buying decisions fall quickly. If the dream house is found and the purchase price is in the budget, then it will be bought. In these cases there is not much time to search for the best financing. On the other hand, interested parties inform themselves early. If the purchase is due, then the financing is already clear.

Early planning pays off

Many more people are looking for a property than actually buying it. Also, the likelihood of early completion of a real estate purchase after the survey drops significantly after five months. This may be because the dream house was not financially viable. Disappointment can be saved if you get informed early, because savings of more than 10,000 euros can be easily achieved if you seek advice.

Find the right help with financing

Most participants in the survey know this. They also recognize that real estate finance is often complex. An overwhelming majority of 82% say that the triad of interest rates, fixed interest rates and repayments or even financing concepts are the central themes of real estate financing - not the interest rates alone. This is a surprise, as most of the advertising strategies offered by the offering banks are interest-rate oriented. It is all the more important that interested parties inform themselves about independent sources, understand the basics and find help.

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