Real harmony: Which wall colors work best together?

The palette of wall paints is vast and there are countless ways to combine them. Do-it-yourselfers, who are not so sure when it comes to handling colors, sometimes waver, because of course they also want harmonious sounds on the wall. We rush to help with this little guide!

These wall colors fit together really well!

Colors behave just like people: not everyone suits everyone, but sometimes there are really harmonious relationships. At other times it crumbles and crashes violently when two meet - from such meetings you should rather keep your distance!

  • Which wall color suits yellow? The color yellow looks like a warm ray of sunshine, it harmonizes beautifully with natural green tones and sky blue. A subtle gray earths the bright yellow, while a small splash of orange or red cheer it up.
  • Which wall color matches green? Bluish green harmonizes perfectly with light sand and cream colors, in combination with a bit of brown creates a pleasant forest effect. A soft pastel green also works well with purple and purple, which brings dynamics into play!
  • Which wall color matches blue? Blues radiate a certain coolness and freshness, which can be warmed up by gray-brown or brown elements. Natural colors and wood provide a stylish balance. In conjunction with pastel yellow results in a beautiful sky-sea-and-sun optics.
  • Which wall color suits purple? Since the color purple has a very strong effect, it should preferably be combined with subtle tones. These are, for example, light gray, beige or cream colors. Provided with golden elements, this results in a particularly precious effect.
  • Which wall color suits red? Due to its strong effect, red should only be used restrainedly, preferably in combination with subtle combinations such as beige, vanilla or light gray. A lot of pastel yellow and a little red provide pleasant summery warmth.
  • Which wall color matches gray? Gray is currently very trendy, it forms the perfect setting for strong shades such as green, red, purple and orange. Even pink can be reconciled with gray very well. More restraint offers the combination with brown or beige.

Tips & Tricks

Pleasant color harmony always arises when you combine a wall color with its brightened variant. You can not miss it!

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