Make really nice door signs yourself: a guide

A beautifully designed door sign is like a small business card for the house, here are not just the names of the residents, also the choice of motives and colors brings a piece of personality into play. To create a doorbell by hand you do not need much material, but a little dexterity and good ideas. Read our manual for your individual wooden door sign here.

Door signs in many variants possible

Door signs are available in many different variants, many a house dweller hands a simple name tag on the bell, another labeled his door leaf with brush and paint. Also printed and laminated door signs are represented.

The wooden doorplate is a widely used classic, even our grandparents decorated their entrances with it. In addition, this material can be processed and labeled very well: Try it out with our DIY guide yourself!

Door sign made of wood itself

  • creative ideas
  • paper
  • tracing paper
  • colour
  • wooden board
  • printer
  • brush
  • wood saw
  • Sandpaper coarse to fine

1. Design a template

First, design a beautiful template for your new wooden door sign on your computer. You can also try out the matching colors on the display, but to express them you only need the contours.

2. Saw the wooden board

Draw the desired shape on your wooden board and saw it cut. Smooth the edges with sandpaper: Use coarse sandpaper first to remove much material, smooth the surface with fine material. Thereafter: dust thoroughly!

3. Print template and pause

Print your template in the appropriate size. If the image is too small or too big, adjust it again and print it again. Now pick up the tracing paper and pause the contours with gentle pressure.

4. Fill with paint

Now you can fill the pouted outlines with color. It is best to use a high-quality paint or a dispersion paint for outdoor use, so that the sign still holds when weathered.

5. Paint back

Also, paint the back and edges of your homemade doorknob so it is prized around invading water. Thin boards can also warp when painted from one side only.

Tips & Tricks

A glossy or matt clear coat gives your new door sign a crowning glory. Also pay attention to weather resistance!

Video Board: Making Wood Signs With a Router