Reasonable price for concrete terrace slabs

The price range for concrete terrace slabs provides the right products for every budget. Even in the lower price range, there is a comprehensive selection of colors, formats and surface textures. Expensive patio tiles are reminiscent of natural rocks in appearance.

Favorable material and special shapes

Of all the usual and widespread flooring options, the prices for concrete terrace slabs are among the cheapest building materials. The craftsmanship range from monolithic rectangular or square cement boards to elaborately crafted models that mimic antique and natural stone looks.

Sheets made of washed concrete are a special form in which pebbles are embedded on a concrete body. The washed concrete is one of the cheapest types of concrete. Another special form are terrace tiles, which are referred to as terrazzo plates. They are similar to washed concrete in that they consist of individual pebbles mixed with the concrete. The smooth-cut surfaces form a pattern of dark cement and pale pebbles that resemble the original of the Terrazo.

Processing types and optics

The concrete terrace slabs are brought into very different optics with mechanical surface and sometimes edge processing. In addition to smoothing techniques such as sanding and sandblasting, surfaces that appear to be irregular and irregular are produced, for example, by flaming or scratching.
Blends of aggregates, which make the concrete "airier" and similar to the baking powder in baked goods for increased air inclusions, make additional optical changes. Along with the chamfering of the edges and the drumming of the complete terrace slabs, deceptively real imitations of sandstone, terracotta or split natural stone surfaces can be produced.

That's how much concrete terrace slabs cost

The majority of concrete terrace slabs range in price range between ten and twenty euros per square meter. All colors and processing options are available for these prices. Special concrete properties cause prices to rise. For through-colored terrace tiles that are UV-resistant, resistant to green cover, frost-proof, impregnated, have a completely circumferential bevel and have a specially created slip resistance, you have to calculate between twenty and forty euros per square meter.

How to save

The standard thicknesses are at 40 × 40 and 40 × 60 centimeter concrete terrace slabs between four and six centimeters. If you want to cover a large terrace area with plates, choosing a smaller thickness can make a huge difference in price. In addition to the material savings and the delivery weight is lower, which can further reduce the cost.

Tips & Tricks

If you decide on a board thickness between two and four centimeters, you must have a particularly thoroughly and reliably compacted underground. In addition, the drainage must be sized so that there can be no under-flushing. Any lowering of the floor and any cavity will otherwise quickly lead to the breakage of terrace slabs.

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