Saber saw comparison 2018

Purchase advice on reciprocating saw comparison or test 2018

  • Saber saws are characterized by high flexibility in use. Whether wood or metal, whether on the workbench or directly on the object, this power tool can be used almost anywhere.
  • You have the choice between wired and cordless reciprocating saws. Cable devices have more power and endurance, their battery brothers do without annoying cables and offer even more freedom when working, but are also much more expensive.
  • The saw blades add extra cost to you. Various types should be available to handle wood, metal, plastic and other materials well. It is also worth investing in standard protective clothing.

Saber saw comparison 2018: saber

1. With battery and power cord

Cable reciprocating sawCordless reciprocating saw

Saber saw comparison 2018: saber

Saber saw comparison 2018: reciprocating

In a sense, the classic saber saw: It convinces especially when sawing through force and stamina.

The saber saw can usually be used to cut through 20 cm thick logs. The naked numbers make no difference between the cordless and cordless tools, but reality speaks a different language: With hard wood types and hard steel pipes, the net-bound saber saw has the better cards, Almost all saber saws have a power consumption of 1,000 watts or more - that's a lot of power that is needed.

Disadvantage: The cable, It hangs behind the saw and must not be left out of sight, so it will not hang anything - otherwise an accident is inevitable. Some users are better at it than others, and ultimately, everything is a matter of practice. But even the higher weight, which has the cordless saw thanks to the usually about 300 - 400 grams heavy batteries and that would actually be an advantage for the cable saw, this is compensated again.

The saber saw with battery is a newer product thanks to its flexibility opens up new possibilities.

There is no annoying cable that you trip over, Things can not get tangled up in it, it does not knot, it can not accidentally be sawed, and so on. Besides, you are independent of sockets: no annoying requests for extension cords, no tedious transport of cable drum or even emergency generator. Even in the deepest forest can be made with the cordless saber saw a few cuts on the wooden house.

A large The disadvantage of cordless reciprocating saws is their price: The customer has to buy battery and charger. Often the manufacturers include two batteries (one is charged while the other uses the other), which adds to the cost. While the charging system is compatible with other cordless power tools in virtually all brands, you can buy a rechargeable battery drill or grinder for little money, but it ties you into the business.

In this comparison of reciprocating saws, you will only get an overview via a wired saber saw.

Incidentally, the saber saw is also called Reciprosäge and has earned a reputation as a "tiger saw" over the years. Functionally, they are all the same device, so do not get confused (or afraid) if you stumble upon recipesaws and tiger-saws in commerce.

2. Technical characteristics

Many consumers are somewhat lost in the pay jungle of electrical appliances. We clarify briefly what the unit stands for.


Saber saw comparison 2018: 2018

If the engine is strong enough, even thick iron bars are no obstacle.

It is expressed in watts and states how much power the engine consumes, This is usually accompanied by a higher engine performance: The more the machines consume, the stronger they are, Exceptions, however, confirm the rule and a poorly engineered and underdeveloped engine may cause very little in the wood for its power consumption.


This number tells you how many forward and backward movements the device creates per minute, Almost all saber saws reach around 2,750 strokes per minute. That's a proud 45 per second. Not bad - but only at idle. As soon as the saber saw blade buries itself in the material, the number of strokes is also reduced. The strength of the engine decides how much.

Lifting height | stroke

Both terms are used synonymously. By this statement is meant how far the saw blade leaves the head of the device, Good saber saws can provide about 3 cm or even more, compact saber saws may only 2 cm. That says nothing about how thick the board or pipe may be, in which you saw.

cutting depth

For you as a consumer, the most informative indication of how much power the saw has. It may already be more than 20 cm (ie 200 mm) in the wood, but also more. This number is, of course, an orientation rather than a God-given maximum. With a particularly soft wood, there is also something more in it - If you have a hard one, you can only slowly move forward when working out the cutting depth. Last but not least, the saber saw blade must be long enough.


Saber saw comparison 2018: comparison

On this saber saw from Einhell, pendulum stroke ensures on request that it cuts faster (but also coarser).

The pendulum stroke is a special technique that does not dominate all saber saws. In addition to the movement back and forth The saw blade moves slightly up and down, It bites in a sense from above into the wood - instead of removing material only by forward and backward movements. This significantly speeds up the work process.

However, the Cut a bit unclean and the edges can fray unfriendly, Pendulum lift is therefore a popular technique for quick preparation or in cases where it simply does not come down to flawless results in the end. Not an absolute must, but a nice bonus and sometimes even with a cheap saber saw.

Tool-free quick change

Has established itself today as a standard in reciprocating saws (as well as jigsaws and other electrical appliances): The rapid change of the saw blades without any tools, Instead, let yourself go Release leaves with a handle and replace it with others - Practical when the blade needs to be replaced quickly for another type of material.

Saber saw comparison 2018: comparison

3. Other

carrying case

Saber saw comparison 2018: saber

A suitable tool case creates order in the local workshop: here a model of the manufacturer DeWalt, with saber saw.

The saber saw (like other tools) should not be left open after use. The remedy is a simple plastic case, which most manufacturers provide the same. Of course, you can also fall back on your own, if it is big enough. Unfortunately, saber saw blades and other accessories often have no place in these suitcases.

In addition, well-known manufacturers of saber saws such as Bosch, Makita and others No toolboxes that are compatible with their portable box system, The reason for this is simply the enormous size of the saber saws.


It is often underestimated, but avenges itself with bad muscle soreness: the weight of the tool. Keep in mind that you must hold the device permanently - After a few hours, that goes really well, Here only merciless self-assessment helps. If you did not call your fitness "good," we recommend a saw that weighs 3.5 or less pounds. The saber saw comparison proves that a high-quality saw does not have to weigh much.

4. Choosing the right saw blade

Saber saw comparison 2018: saws

Different saber saw blades for different materials, mainly metal (top) and wood (middle). Good to see: the different degrees of teeth.

Not every saber saw blade is equally suitable for every material. Only universal saw blades are suitable for several types of materials. The saber saw accessory therefore includes a complete set of saber saw blades. Most of them are suitable for the following substances:

  • metals
  • Wood coarse / fine
  • concrete
  • plastic

The Main difference can be found in the teeth, Wood rough cuts require a generous toothing with wide chip gaps. The teeth are much larger there than with saw blades intended for fine cuts. Even smaller (and especially denser) are metal saw blades.

The alignment of the teeth differs considerably. Teeth leaning forward (also referred to as "positive") bite more aggressively into the wood and allow faster, coarser progress. However, you can break off if you encounter a metal part in the wood. For this reason, teeth on saw blades for metal working are directed upwards and the cut edges are inclined backwards ("negative").

Saber saw comparison 2018: 2018

5. Safety instructions

That a saber saw / Reciprosäge / tiger saw is not a toy, you know as well as we do. Nevertheless, we would like to draw your attention to certain protective clothing that is indispensable when handling such a tool (regardless of the area of ​​use).

Mandatory signsProtection type

Saber saw comparison 2018: saws

Saber saws are loud. Almost all bring it to a sound pressure level of 90 dB (decibels). At the workplace, hearing protection is recommended above 80 dB, from 85 dB it is prescribed. These recommendations are no coincidence - especially in case of continuous stress, the ear can carry off a sonic trauma. To protect your eardrum you should not miss out on headphones.

Saber saw comparison 2018: saws

Where the sharp points of the saw blades bite into the wood, protective gloves are highly recommended. An awkward fall, a bad coincidence - and you will not regret this part of the protective clothing. Even a cut-resistant high and matching work shoes are a sensible choice of clothing.

Saber saw comparison 2018: comparison

When protecting the eyes all fun stops. Injuries to this organ are extremely difficult to treat and the loss of sight (or part of it) can not be undone. Flying chips and other abrasions should by no means be underestimated.

Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a detailed saber saw test. However, she criticized a suspicious cheap saber saw by Lidl - because this failed after a few hours of work and recommended not just as a saber saw test winner.

Frequently asked questions about the saber saw

Do you still have urgent questions not to fall on the nose in the practice test with a saber saw? Maybe you will find the answers here.

How do you change the saw blade of a jigsaw?

This is minimal from manufacturer to manufacturer. The enclosed operating instructions have pictures ready to help you find your way.

If you buy a modern (expensive or cheap) reciprocating saw, you do not need any additional tools and you do not have to screw or otherwise machine anything on the machine. With a little practice, you master the change with one touch.

Wear protective gloves when changing saw blades. Disconnect the power plug before replacing it.

Can I also saw the saw with a saber saw?

Yes, conditionally. There are special saw blades with which the device, for example, conquers limestone. For harder types of stone there are other tools.

Where can I rent a saber saw?

In the usual hardware store suspects: Bauhaus, Obi, Toom, etc., as well as special tool rental companies. It is not cheap, however, at least 15 euros per day are due. If you borrow a saw only five times, you have the purchase price practically there. In addition, you will not get the best saber saw, but a used, any pressed into the hand. For a one-time action okay, with continued need no option.

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