Buy Rectangular patches in autumn leaves look

The manufacturers of rectangular paving in the look of autumn leaves combine either different colored paving stones or provide multi-colored color gradients on each cobblestone. Both fall foliage variants create a warm, varied and lively impression on the entire surface.

Wanted coincidence

The effect of a fall foliage rectangular plaster unfolds in the large-scale consideration. Just like the fallen fall foliage, there should be no regularity, which is automatically created when using paving stones with unevenly colored surfaces stone by stone. If the visual effect is to be caused by the combination of different stone colors, a trained eye is required. Often, four different colored granite paving stones are used. In addition to the random distribution in the rectangular plaster, the different textures of the individual paving stones support the overall effect. The manufacturers offer as desired weighted packages for the fall foliage. You can steer the overall impression into the darker or lighter when selecting. The intensity of the visual impression increases with the number of different shades, which can be up to eight.

Concrete or natural stone possible

The less expensive rectangular paving in autumn foliage design can be assembled from concrete paving stones. In the price range of ten to 15 euros per square meter, four or more colors can be put together. Since the concrete products have no color gradients, but are dyed through uniformly, with a rectangular plaster smaller single stone sizes are advantageous. Rumbled or tumbled paving stones support the effect of randomness. If you want a more natural looking fall foliage, you should resort to natural stone. Four-color pre-sorted packages with approximately the same color content are offered from around 250 euros per ton. Very suitable are granites, as they occur in many shades of color that fit in the fall foliage look. For less intense rectangular paving, where, for example, with colored Einsprengseln worked in a mainly monochrome area, combinations with the cheaper gneiss are conceivable.

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