Bend rectangular tube: can you do it yourself?

Again and again the question arises, if you can also bend rectangular pipes yourself. If this works and if so under what circumstances and with what tools, read this post.

Self-bending of rectangular profiles

Rectangular pipes do not exist - tubes are always round per se. So these are rectangular hollow sections.

Rectangular hollow sections can only be bent in very few cases. This is related to their shape. Even pipes often cause great problems when bending. For rectangular profiles bending is more difficult due to the angular shape.

Even bending works, if at all, only with small dimensions of the profile and with very wide radii.

Of which the bendability depends

  • material
  • desired bending diameter
  • Dimensions and wall thickness of the profile

Professional provider

Only a few locksmiths can bend rectangular profiles. This usually requires special equipment. A walk to the locksmith is recommended but nevertheless for advice.

As a rule, rectangular profiles are formed by round rollers. Both hot and cold treatments are possible. Which type of processing is used depends largely on the material, in some cases also on the wall thicknesses.

The processing can also be done by roll bending only up to certain radii and only to a certain extent. The special processing forms also allow the production of certain special shapes.

Special forms of rectangular profile machining

  • Roll bending as a flange
  • Roll bending as a frost

These special forms are offered by companies specialized in bending.

Alternative for the corner-laying of rectangular profiles

An alternative in DIY is when it comes to rectangular kinks of rectangular profiles. Here it makes sense to cut off the profile at the desired location and to weld a corner piece for the formation of the corner.

If welded properly and measured correctly, a stable, exactly adapted cross-over shape is created at the desired location. However, it requires some experience and skill. Otherwise, ordinary locksmiths also help here, if need be.

Tips & Tricks

There are not too many companies for round bending and roll bending of rectangular profiles. In a locksmith's shop in your area, ask for a suitable provider, usually one can give you one there.

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