Bleach red wine stains on the wall

If red wine is sprayed on the wall and stains there, not always removal is possible. After trying out some methods, often only over-dyeing or swapping remains. Removal on wallpapers is mostly a matter of luck. Plastered walls and stone or concrete surfaces allow different cleaning attempts.

Note the durability of the wallpaper

Generally apply to red wine stains on the wall remove that they can only be removed with bleach. The wall material is decisive here. On papered walls, in addition to the effect of the bleach on the stains, the effect on sizing must also be checked. Some bleach dissolve wallpaper glue and the paper or textile webs fall off the wall.

On the wall must be assumed that it is always about dried red wine stains. When removing so must be done in almost all cases moistening. Furthermore, all rubbing movements should be avoided in order not to redistribute the red wine stains.

Possible procedures

1. Spray on hydrogen peroxide

For resistant wall surfaces such as interior plaster, concrete or stone, a hydrogen peroxide solution with water and ammonia may be sprayed onto the red wine stains. Approximately thirty percent hydrogen peroxide and three percent sal ammonia are stirred into the spray water. The solution must dry off by itself, weakening the stain color.

2. Rub with chalk paste

The red wine stains are moistened with a damp cloth. Then a stirred chalk paste is applied from whiting. The consistency of the paste should be about the same as toothpaste. Starch is helpful as a binder.

3. Apply dirt eraser

In hardware stores and furniture stores special dirt erosioners are available, which are adjusted to the different wall materials. They are particularly suitable for walls with non-uniform structures such as patterned wallpaper or running and dotted wall coatings.

4. Dab the laundry

For the laundry laundry bleaches are available in different effective intensity. They can be spotted diluted. Depending on the effect, the concentration can be increased with each new attempt. The result can be assessed at the earliest after one hour exposure time.

Tips & Tricks

As an insider's tip, sodium hypochlorite, available as Javelwasser or Eau de Javel in drugstores, is traded. You can mix this bleach in equal proportions with water and dab.

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