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  • A reel mower (also called roller mower) is a separate type of lawnmower. It is used for the cultivation of ornamental lawns, e.g. used for castle gardens, parks, but also private gardens.
  • The spindle mower's mechanics are specialized in cutting grasses as gently as possible while creating a flat surface. Depending on the model and location of use, the mower is operated manually (private use), electrically or with a petrol engine (professional use).
  • Cylinder mowers cut the lawn down to at least 4 cm, the cutting width is between 30 and 40 cm. In order to be able to optimally use the cutting width, a narrow cutting width is recommended for rectangular lawns, and for narrow or curved areas a narrow cutting width.

Cylinder mower comparison 2018: 2018

The lawn is the heart of every garden. A uniformly cut and healthy lawn, however, requires a lot of attention. However, since simple garden tools such as branch or hedge trimmers are less suitable for trimming the blades of grass, hobby gardeners worldwide have to resort to lawn mowers. In Germany alone, there were more than a million lawnmowers in 2008, with electric and petrol lawnmowers accounting for the majority. However, if you want to cut your lawn accurately and down to a few millimeters, you will need a reel mower. Because these mowers specialize in the creation of ornamental lawns. In the following guide to the Spindle Mower Test 2018 we would like to introduce you to this niche product.

1. What is a reel mower?

1.1. Spindle technique

The ornamental lawn

Lawns that thanks to a very even cut through dense, juicy and fine-leaved green They are commonly regarded as ornamental lawns. This type of turf implies less practical use of the green space, but primarily serves an optical purpose. Classically used for the design of castle and landscaped gardens, more and more private persons are enjoying the original English lawn style.

The mowing technology of the reel mower consists of two main components: spindle and cutting blade. The eponymous spindle consists of several male connectors and lies horizontally between the drive wheels. When the mower is moved forward, the spindle rotates in unison. She attacks the grasses and pushes them against a firmly mounted cutter, where the upper straw tips are separated. Visually, this process is reminiscent of the work of a roller, which is why spindle mowers are synonymously also called roller mowers.

The technique, however, corresponds exactly to the classic scissor principle and promises one clean cut without fringes, But not only the eye of the beholder benefits from a smooth lawn surface, the tips of the grasses themselves are spared by the clean and lightning-fast treatment. The growth drive is not inhibited and the lawn continues to grow healthy.

Note: Thanks to their special cutting technology, reel mowers keep the lawn growing so that the grass sprouts cheerfully. Regular and frequent mowing is therefore inevitable.

1.2. application

In industry, the reel mower has always been used. However, it can also be used for private use. Which benefits he fulfills in the respective areas, we in the spindle mower test on:

  • Professional use: In the professional field, the spindle lawn mower is used for large areas such as sports fields and large-scale parks. These categories include, for example, golf courses and castle gardens. While the castle garden is visually enhanced by an impeccable lawn, the ornamental lawns for sports fields fulfill the requirement of a very smooth, but soft surface.
  • Private use: Individuals fulfill their dream of an accurately cut lawn in lush green with their own ornamental lawn. Just like the spacious lawn in the castle garden, the ornamental lawn in the front garden acts in smaller form as a special eye-catcher.

Cylinder mower comparison 2018: lawn

Not only golf courses can be sheared with a reel mower. Likewise, a reel mower levels the sports field turf, e.g. from a soccer field.

2. Three drive forms for spindle lawnmowers

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between manually operated hand lawn mowers as well as cordless, electric and petrol lawn mowers. A reel mower comparison after Shapes of the drive see this table:

Type according to the shape of the driveAdvantages and disadvantages
Walk Behindfor small lawns
unlimited duration of use
no clutter
quiet, light and agile
greater effort
Electric mowersfor medium sized lawns
unlimited duration of use
low effort
Cable clutter and power supply needed
Cordless Lawn Mowerfor medium sized lawns
no clutter
limited duration of use
Gasoline lawn mowersfor large lawns
no clutter
quite heavy and inflexible
Tip: In some cases, the powered models can also be used in manual mode. Due to the slightly different construction to the pure hand mower, the work is more exhausting.

3. Three important purchase criteria for reel mowers

Although the online purchase already facilitates the insight into the diversity of manufacturers, products and the majority of their technical data. Indications as to the scale by which the models can be assessed are usually lost in the product description.

In the following chapters, we give you some advice on the three key features of reel mowers: cutting width and cutting height such as mass.

3.1. cutting width

Cylinder mower comparison 2018: 2018

The cutting width results from the width of the spindle.

The width of the mower strip is defined over the specified cutting width. Put simply, how much grassy area you can sawn across in width, tells you about the cutting width. On average, create larger hand lawn mowers up to 40 cm, the smaller models usually reach their maximum at 30 cm.

The assumption is obvious that wider models are fully efficient. However, if you buy a reel mower, we recommend that you follow the structure of your lawn. It is true that for rectangular lawns wide mowers are advantageous because they reduce the number of paths. On the other hand, we recommend a narrower cutting width for angled or rounded lawns, so there is no risk of damaging adjacent flowerbeds with the overhanging lawnmower.

3.2. cutting height

For each cylinder mower model, whether by the manufacturer Einhell, Brill or Atco, there is usually an indication of the minimum and maximum cutting height. You can use the cutting height to specify in advance how many millimeters you want to cut the blades of grass. Since reel mowers were built especially for a low lawn height, is their maximum cutting height of 4 cm by two to three centimeters below the maximum height of ordinary gasoline or electric lawn mowers (6 to 7 cm).

3.3. mass

Spindle mowers, no matter which type of drive they rely on, have to be pushed across the grass by hand. For this reason, a low dead weight is always recommended - the lighter the mower, the easier the work, However, do not let it put you off when an electric or gasoline appliance weighs much more than a simple handheld mower. Since the models have also installed an engine, an increasing dead weight is not enough. For this purpose, these devices facilitate pushing, as they turn the spindle independently and pull the mower forward.

4. Opinion of Stiftung Warentest

In the spring edition 05/2009, the Foundation published a lawnmower test and compared four spindle models with the especially popular in Germany sickle mowers. The generally best grade was awarded to a sickle mower, cut in the overall comparison of Cylinder mower test winner of the brand Gardena as the third best product. According to the test result, the advantages and disadvantages of the reel mower over the sickle mowers are as follows:

  • lighter and more agile handling
  • better cut
  • lower noise level
  • lower cutting height possible
  • more frequent mowing necessary
  • greater physical effort

5. The right lawn care

Do preliminary work

Before the summer comes in and the grasses start to sprout properly, the lawn should be cleared of accumulated moss once in the spring. With a Verticutter This work is done quickly and the lawn can breathe freely again.

A garden would not be complete without a lawn. It should therefore belong to each gardener's core competence to cultivate the green area attractively. The proper care of the lawn and the correct use of the mower, however, prove to be the first major challenge for many hobby gardeners - weather conditions, irregular mowing times and uneven terrain make work difficult.

In this chapter, we introduce you to one Instructions for comprehensive lawn care in front. It has a total of six points and is universally valid for every type of lawn.

  1. Continuity: Regular mowing compacts the blades of grass and keeps weeds out. How often you need to pull out the mower for this purpose, determine the weather conditions. A rough one Orientation to the seasons is helpful here: While a weekly cycle is necessary in spring, it should be increased in hot summer weeks by one more day per week. The claims in autumn correspond to the weekly cycle of spring. In winter, you can finally bury the lawnmower for several months in the tool shed.
  2. path: Always stand behind your mower and only enter the already mown areas. It ensures that the stalks are all upright and can be caught evenly by the cutting edge of the mower.
  3. Cutting height: Four centimeters cutting height is generally considered the best average for a pretty lawn. Based on this, you can adjust the height to your individual needs and correct it either up or down.
  4. Intersection: The trimming of grass has a similarly positive effect on the growth of the stalks as the cutting of the hairdresser. Too much of the good, however, interrupts the drive. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not cut down the grass height to more than one third of the length of the tail per mowing.
  5. Wet ban: We advise against mowing over wet grass: On the one hand, the stems stick together and can not be cut evenly. On the other hand, the collected clippings clumped and claimed the lawnmower in addition.
  6. Cutting width: For a clean cut, it is advantageous to overlap tracks, i. with a wheel of the mower still on the already cut surface to drive. This is how the last tuft of grass is captured efficiently.

English special tip: The typical manorial English lawn is characterized by accurately cut lawn edges. For this anglophone status icon you prefer to do without a lawnmower and grab the lawn trimmer. With it, the edges can be edited precisely.

Do you crave further comfort tips for your lawn? The following video clarifies daily in a vivid way Problems with care of your own green:

6. Questions and Answers in the Spindle Mower Test

6.1. Do I have to sharpen my reel mower?

Cylinder mower comparison 2018: mower

Wear gloves when sharpening the spindle so as not to injure yourself.

Like the chef's knives in the kitchen, the cutters of the reel mowers need a quality check after some time. After about two yearsHowever, at the latest, when the stalks appear dull or frayed after mowing, the cutting blades and counter-blade should be ground.

The reel mower grinding requires skill and sufficient time, First, the knives are not directly accessible, so first of all the spindle in all its parts must be removed from the main frame of the mower. On the other hand, the knives can be damaged by incorrect grinding unintentionally. Getting the right tool to disassemble your mower may be less of a problem. On the other hand, we recommend that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the technique before grinding and, if necessary, ask an expert for help.

6.2. Which manufacturers sell Spindle Mowers?

Frequently, the orientation to well-known brand names offers the first clues to limit the excessive product selection on the online market and thus to find the best reel mower. Before you buy a new cylinder mower, we therefore offer you a look at the following Overview of popular and well-known manufacturers on.

  • Gardena
  • Einhell
  • Brill
  • Atco
  • pike
  • wolf
  • Fiskars
  • Skil
  • AL-KO

6.3. Is there a spindle manual lawn mower with a grass catcher?

Spindle mowers can also be equipped with a grass catcher, which catches the falling clippings. This saves you the misery of eliminating the small grass tips with a rake from the lawn afterwards. The basket alone has to be emptied after work and, ideally, roughly cleaned of residues.

Note: Not every cheap cylinder mower offer includes a grass catcher and the special extra must be purchased in case of doubt. The prices are at 30 euros upwards.

6.4. Which other lawnmower types are there?

Cylinder mower comparison 2018: comparison

Ride-on mowers, such as this Wolf model, are suitable for mowing large areas.

If the big goal is not your own ornamental lawn, but rather a wilder or less labor-intensive variant, already recommend other designs for the lawnmower. The size of the lawn additionally limits the model choice.

  • Ride-on mower and lawn tractors: For especially large lawns so-called ride-on mowers are recommended. It gives you the pleasure of sitting on the mower while moving forward on a built-in motor and mowing the lawn as if by itself. The only task you can do is to steer the device. However, these mower types are only partially suitable for the accurate cutting of a decorative lawn. You are capable of doing that, too tall, wild meadows to cut.
  • Mowing robots and mulching mowers: Unlike most lawnmower types, mulch mowers additionally shred the clippings and leave them on the shortened lawn. This leftover remainder is called "mulch" and serves the Fertilization of the lawn, Classic mulching mowers are pushed over the grass as usual. If you want to save yourself the physical effort, you may want to use a robotic lawnmower. The small devices drive and steer themselves on the lawn of their own accord and mulch it until the entire surface is cut or the battery needs to be recharged.
  • Mower: The joystick operates the same workspace as a scythe. By separating tall grasses at the lower end of the style, you can wild-grown fields be cut widely. The physical challenge is much less than with a scythe, as the mower only has to be pushed and not manually swung.

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