Align the refrigerator - you must pay attention to this

Not only for the washing machine, but also for the refrigerator, a proper alignment is required. What you have to pay attention to, and how to proceed correctly when aligning, read in this post.

Important when aligning

A refrigerator must be very accurate in the balance. This is important for several reasons:

  • so that the door seal closes properly
  • so that the door opens and closes properly and does not wear the suspension
  • so that food is safe inside

Aligning standing fridges and built-in refrigerators

You can re-adjust in a small area both for free-standing and built-in refrigerators. For built-in refrigerators, however, you should always make sure that first of all the installation compartment is in the balance.

Correct alignment - step by step

  • fridge
  • possibly documents
  • spirit level

1. Verification of alignment

Place the spirit level on top of the refrigerator and check that the refrigerator is exactly in the balance. Place the spirit level once along the door opening and once across the door opening onto the refrigerator. In both cases, the refrigerator must be exactly in balance.

2. Adjust the feet exactly

Small bumps can be compensated by adjustable feet. To do this, carefully rotate the feet in or out of the adjusters provided until the spirit level indicates that the refrigerator is in the correct position.

With adjustable feet you can balance only small bumps in the ground. For larger bumps, you may need to add small wooden tiles to make up for it.

3. Check installation tables

With built-in refrigerator should also check whether the niche is in the balance. It works in the same way as the fridge. Place the spirit level lengthwise and crosswise and check. If necessary, you can balance the kitchen design accordingly before the refrigerator is used.
With built-in refrigerator, the distance at the sides and the gap above should always be even.

Tips & Tricks

Kitchenettes that are "out of balance" are problematic for almost all appliances. When installing kitchen units, always make sure that everything is in the balance when screwing together.

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