Restore your fridge - look for these things

Old refrigerators clearly have their charm. Devices from the fifties and sixties are even partially traded for high prices. When restoring, there are also some problems that you have to solve. What is important, you will learn in this post.

Optical restoration

In older refrigerators, the signs of wear are often conspicuous. Especially with "classic car refrigerators" a proper optical restoration is often difficult.

Optical restoration outside

The professional painting of a refrigerator is very difficult and not always promising. A good way to replace optically no longer perfect exterior parts, is the foiling. Thus, the original sound of the refrigerator can be restored, alternatively, other colors suitable for the year are easily possible.

Optical restoration inside

Plastic parts often show signs of wear and dirt, occasionally damage. By careful cleaning of the plastic parts you can repair many of these traces, to a lesser extent, repairs of individual plastic parts are possible. In some cases, however, only replacement with original spare parts remains.

Technical restoration

The renewal and repair of the technology is only possible with original spare parts. The installation of "modern" cooling technology in old refrigerators is often problematic. However, what you can do for performance is to completely rebuild the refrigerator insulation and replace the door gasket. For the door seal you also need an original spare part, which is often no longer so easy to get, especially in classic car refrigerators.

Other restorations

For very old refrigerators, the following work also belongs to the restoration:

  • Protect door panels and body panels from corrosion
  • Chrome plating door handles and trim
  • Exchange to a CFC-free refrigeration unit
  • Repair and processing of enamelled internal parts

Tips & Tricks

A complete restoration of a classic car refrigerator requires around 100 - 150 man-hours by the skilled person, and in some cases even longer. Accordingly expensive are restored vintage refrigerators. But they certainly have a longer life span than modern devices.

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