Refrigerator wobbles - is that a problem?

Not all kitchen floors are level. In some cases, a refrigerator may wobble. Whether this is technically a problem, and how to best remedy, you will learn in this post.

Installation of the refrigerator

Proper installation of a refrigerator requires that the appliance is stable and can not wobble. This also makes the use (opening and closing the refrigerator door and freezer door, if any) much more comfortable. In addition, pots, food and supplies in a stably deployed refrigerator inside are also better.

Accuracy when setting up

Usual household refrigerators (compressor refrigerators) need only be reasonably straight. You do not necessarily need to be adjusted with the spirit level. A refrigerator still works without problems if it is tilted up to around 20 - 30°. Over this angle, however, it can be problematic.

For the life of the refrigerator, however, it is advantageous if the device is as straight as possible. This allows defrost water to run better, and the refrigerant is distributed more evenly.

absorption refrigerators

Absorption refrigerators, such as those used in caravans or motorhomes, should be as level as possible. They are much more sensitive to wobbling than common household refrigerators.

Adjust the refrigerator

Just about every refrigerator is equipped with adjustable feet so that it can be well aligned even on uneven floors and is stable. If necessary simply turn the adjustable feet out or in until the refrigerator is safe and stable. For larger bumps, additional shims may be required.

Tips & Tricks

Even if the fridge wobble quite easily tolerates, one should not put it directly on a washing machine if possible. The problem here is above all the secure attachment and the weight load of the washing machine.

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