Fridge fridge - you should pay attention

Foliation has become acceptable to cars. Since then, very high-quality and durable films are available at relatively low prices, which can also be used excellently in many other areas - even for the refrigerator. What you have to pay attention to, read here.

Advantages of foliation

Foiling has some clear advantages over varnishing the refrigerator:

  • there can be no mistakes, no dripping noses or grooves
  • the foiling requires much less skill
  • The foliation is very fast
  • Films are highly durable and durable
  • designs and imitations of materials are possible which can not be achieved by painting (eg brushed stainless steel)
  • they can be removed without a trace, so that the old color of the refrigerator can be restored at any time, it even remains protected against dirt and damage

Possible foil designs

  • monochrome designs in virtually every possible color
  • Metallic colors
  • Pastel shades
  • photorealistic designs
  • matt and shiny foils
  • Material imitations (e.g., stainless steel, aluminum, etc.)

Many film manufacturers can also produce transparencies from their own uploaded images. As a result, a completely individual design of the refrigerator can be realized according to their own ideas.

film quality

In many cases one has the choice between so-called monomeric and polymeric films. If you can decide, you should definitely use polymeric films. They are significantly more durable than monomeric films and are especially intended for long-term bonding.

Wet-glued films

The advantage of wet bonding lies in the fact that only in this way can the air between the film and the refrigerator surface be 100% eliminated. This is indispensable for a very high-quality bonding.

Tips & Tricks

When choosing the design, make sure that the color of the handles is kept original. If you do not fit, you can also adjust it with foil.

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