Rules for stairs - an overview

For stairs there are a whole series of regulations, some of which are very confusing. From the width, to the step height and step depth really everything is specified exactly in the building codes. Even the handrail is mandatory at the stairs. Here we have compiled a number of the most important regulations for stairs and their construction.

stair width

If the staircase serves as the main or only staircase in the house, it must be at least 80 centimeters wide. For companies that use a staircase as an escape staircase at the same time, it must be even wider, depending on the number of people who have to flee this route.

Narrow stairs, which are only about 50 centimeters narrow, are only allowed as a second staircase.

stair landing

The pedestal must not be narrower than the step width. At intermediate platforms, the handrail should be continued. Especially with escape stairs, the handrail must not be interrupted.

Step depth and step depth

The depth of the steps results from the calculation in the staircase formula. However, there are exceptions, such as the spiral staircase. Here, the step depth must be maintained only in the running zone. However, the level must not be less than ten centimeters even at the spindle in the middle.

stairs formula

The carpenters, who tear up a staircase, follow a given formula, which is calculated from the average stride length of an average person. This step formula has been reflected in many building codes as a regular rule.

Step height x 2 + step depth = 63 centimeters

regulations collection

Here is a brief overview of the aspects normally required for a staircase. At the same time all facts are still in the DIN 18065, in which all regulations for stairs are noted.

  • Tread width
  • Step depth / step depth
  • Step height / slope
  • Height handrail
  • Diameter handrail

Tips & Tricks

If you do not want to work yourself through the sheer volume of regulations that have to do with the construction of the stairs, you should rather hire an experienced stair builder. He can rip up and calculate the staircase in such a way that at the same time every problem of space is solved. A perfect comfortable staircase really only builds an experienced professional.

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