Relaxed water - what is it?

Relaxed water has nothing to do with the calming qualities of water, but is a physico-chemical state of water that you can artificially produce. How this works and what relaxed water exactly means will be explained in detail in this article.

Cohesive forces in the water

Water not only forms so-called clusters, larger water units that hold together for fractions of seconds via hydrogen bonds, but also a tightly held molecular layer on the surface.

These cohesive forces between the water molecules provide a surface tension of the water. The water surface has a sort of "skin" that holds together tightly. Some insects, such as water runners, can easily walk across the water on this skin.

The cause of the surface tension that each water surface has is the cohesive forces acting in the water between the water molecules.

Disadvantages of the surface tension

The surface tension of the water is noticed by us only if we fill a glass up to the edge with water. The surface tension causes water to be above the edge of the glass and does not overflow.

However, the surface tension is disadvantageous when water is supposed to wet or clean very well. The surface tension prevents the water from getting in full contact with the surface and can fully develop its cleaning effect.

Water that is used for cleaning, therefore, must be artificially relaxed. This is done by dissolving so-called wetting agents in the water.

These wetting agents are also called surfactants because of their relation to surface tension. They are contained in many detergents and also in detergents. If a high amount of surfactants is added to the water, the surface tension disappears completely.

The water can thus be used better for cleaning, has a higher cleaning effect and wets surfaces completely.

Surfactants in the wastewater

Relaxed water, which still contains a high amount of surfactants, is very problematic for wastewater treatment. It also foams strongly and therefore causes massive foaming in sewage treatment plants. The work of microorganisms in biological wastewater treatment is severely limited.

Tips & Tricks

Washing and rinsing agents should be used with the environment as low as possible.

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