Does a waterbed relieve back pain?

Waterbeds are healthy for the back. You can hear that again and again. But is that really true? And why are you healthy for your back? Is the waterbed still advisable even after a herniated disc? We took a close look at it.

As the waterbed adapts to any body position, all muscles and joints are relaxed. This of course has a positive effect on the back, so the waterbed advocates. However, many people with back problems who get a waterbed are bitterly disappointed after just a few weeks: the back pain not only did not go away, they even got worse. What can this be?

Why the back pain can get worse too

  • A waterbed helps to relax the muscles when it is adjusted properly. A wrong setting, with too little water in the mattress, can have a negative impact on the back: the back hangs too much and the pain gets worse rather than better.
  • With a certain phase of getting used must always be expected. So at first mild discomfort may occur because the body is not used to the situation. These complaints should disappear within three weeks.
  • Another reason for initial pain may be the resolution of years of tension that is initially painful. However, a quick relief can be expected here.

Why do water beds help with back pain?

With the right amount of water, the waterbed can provide ongoing relief for many back problems. On the one hand, this naturally results in a malleable surface that adapts perfectly to every body shape and position. Furthermore, the integrated heating also contributes a great deal to the soothing effect: The heat relaxes the muscles and helps weather-sensitive or rheumatic people to find a peaceful sleep without joint pain.

Waterbed in herniated disc

Water beds are often recommended for herniated discs. Again, if the water bed is filled with the correct amount of water, so the optimal degree of firmness is set for your body, the back, spine and intervertebral discs are relaxed and relieved. If the mattress is set correctly, a waterbed can definitely help alleviate the pain of a herniated disc, resulting in a faster recovery.

Tips & Tricks

A waterbed must be adjusted according to your height, weight and sleeping position, so be filled accordingly with water. Seek help from a professional to find a restful, relaxed sleep.

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