The removal of a stone carpet requires a lot of effort

The benefits of exceptional stability and durability make a stone carpet an only consuming and energy-consuming to be built-back flooring. When removing, the pebble-epoxy mixture must be piecewise pried off the ground. It can be difficult to avoid fracture on a subfloor such as screed.

Stake at a shallow angle

If you want to remove a stone carpet, you usually have to adjust to hard physical work. Ideally, the cutting of a neck joint is sufficient to attach a lever tool. With a chisel or a chisel, the 0.6 to 1.5 millimeters thick coating can be staked.

In order to treat the subfloor gently, the angle of attack of the lever tool should be chosen as flat as possible. If parts of the subfloor such as screed adhere to the stone carpet, try to cut them off with the pieces lifted off to avoid a large-scale domino effect.

special machines

Commercial enterprises have so-called roll stripper and over renovation routers. They facilitate the removal of the stone carpet and work under the floor. Integrated suction devices reduce the amount of dust. The expensive equipment is one of the heaviest hand tools in the construction industry and are for the layman, also borrowed, interesting only from surface removals of several hundred square meters.

The rolling stripper is based on a double action principle. The high weight, the smallest machines weigh 200 kilograms in conjunction with a lifting motor for a force of up to 3000 Newton. A high torque with up to a thousand thrust strokes per minute allows with the strongest machine versions up to about seventy square meters of removal of the stone carpet to be removed.

A refurbishment machine works with a rotating disc that "crushes" the stone carpet. It is also suitable for repairing damaged areas of the stone carpet.

Professional construction equipment rental companies offer the rolling stripper and refurbishment milling machines. The expensive machines, however, cost daily rents in the mid three-digit price range. Since the machines can also remove any other firmly bonded flooring, usually a combined use, for example, with neighbors, the most economical. Attention must be paid to the high weight of the devices, which make it impossible to use them on stairs or to move their own floors between floors.

Tips & Tricks

Always wear eye and respiratory protection, as the refractory epoxy resin and cement screed made of screed have a very harmful effect on health. By moistening the work area with a water spray bottle before prying, you can reduce the formation of dust.

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