Remove scratches from a vinyl floor

A vinyl floor is made of plastic whose surface is covered with a wear layer. It forms the visible decor and only when scratches have penetrated this opaque layer, color deviations arise. As long as the scratch is flatter, light reflections are created. When removing deeper damage must be re-dyed.

PVC or vinyl

A vinyl floor differs from a PVC floor only by its name. Scratching and repair is identical for vinyl and PVC flooring. The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is called in almost all cases for marketing reasons in the short form vinyl. Occasionally, plastic mixtures without vinyl content are used. These products are inferior plastic. The ability to remove plastic scratches is very limited.

Vinyl floors often have geometric structures as decor. Since laid floors can be cut, a partial replacement of a damaged area is possible. Similar to irreparable scratches on tiles, a section is renewed. In many cases, this repair method is the only effective way to eliminate scratches. Flat and small scratches can be alleviated by cleaning and care measures.

Care intensive flooring

Scratches on vinyl floors are usually caused by coarse-grained dirt. The plastic is soft and is damaged by sand, stones and coarse dust. More than any other type of flooring requires regular mechanical cleaning. A soft broom and / or a vacuum cleaner should always be readily available. Weekly routine cleaning must be supported in case of acute pollution by immediate reaction.

So you can edit scratches in the vinyl floor

  • water
  • Floor cleaner
  • Special care products
  • special sealing
  • PVC glue
  • Soft broom
  • mop
  • Permanent dye or felt pen
  • Wallpaper knife or cutter
  • spatula
  • hairdryer

1. Clean

Before applying care products or sealers, sweep the floor covering off and wipe it with a suitable floor cleaner.

2. Try special agents

The manufacturers of vinyl floors usually offer special agents that are supposed to remove light scratches. Test their effectiveness according to the manufacturer's instructions. Also durable Nachfärbestifte are worth the try.

3. Partially replace

Cut a rectangular area around the scratch. When lifting with the spatula, heating with the hair dryer can make it easier to detach. Glue a new insert to shock and weigh it for at least 48 hours.

Tips & Tricks

Protect your vinyl floor with felt pads and all moving seating. For a workplace with castors, a durable protective mat is recommended.

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