Remove scratches on the front in high gloss kitchen

A popular kitchen front decor are high gloss surfaces that are sensitive to grease, coarse detergents and hard objects. If a scratch has formed, careful polishing with a gentle tool is worth a try. In particular, products for body care are well suited.

Damage prevention during the care

In order to avoid scratches, some tools and methods must not be used when maintaining and cleaning high-gloss kitchen fronts:

  • Dry cleaning
  • microfiber cloths
  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Corrosive cleaning agents
  • Sharp cleaning products
  • Scouring sponges
  • steam cleaners

For cleaning and care, moist chamois leather are the ideal solution. Even with the removal of scratches there is a tendentious relationship to windowpanes. The high gloss material with hard surface seal is made of plastic.

Depending on the design, the colored layer may be pierced by a scratch and another color may appear. In these cases, in addition to closing the damage, a subsequent staining must be done. It can be worked with a dyeing tool such as a special paint pen or in two steps with dyeing and transparent repolishing.

How to polish scratches from high gloss surfaces

  • Fine car polish for metallic paints
  • Cockpitspray
  • Maybe paint pen
  • Maybe fiber pen
  • feather duster
  • Soft cotton rag
  • Two chamois leather

1. Pre-clean

Dust the kitchen front thoroughly even of the smallest particles. To do this, use a soft, damp cotton cloth. First froth the surface with the feather duster. Then wipe off with a little pressure, then damp.

2. Pre-polishing

How your scratch behaves or how stubborn it is, you can only by the principle of trial and error fathom. Take a damp chamois leather and make a tent-shaped polishing point with one finger. This tip will lead you to rotate circularly along the scratches.

3. dyeing

If, after pre-polishing or previously seen a contrasting color layer occur, you can color the scratch lengthwise with a permanent fiber or paint pen. Allow the paint to dry out safely (at least six hours).

4. Polish out

Repeat the same procedure as for pre-polishing and insert metallic car polish or cockpit spray as specified by the manufacturer. For dry wiping, use the clean mist-moist second window leather.

Tips & Tricks

When removing and polishing, work slowly and intermittently. High-gloss plastic surfaces can already change their gloss level due to frictional heat.

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