Remove stains on marble correctly

Of course, there are big differences in the type of stains on marble. It is alike that the stain-forming substance penetrates into the porous limestone and depending on the depth does not always disappear by brushing. Must be avoided, the devil with the Beelzebub drive out.

Beware of home remedies

In particular, among the recommended home remedies on the Internet are many tips that are not suitable for removing stains in marble. Any action with lemon juice can lead to significant "collateral damage". Marble does not tolerate acidity and loosening the original stain can lead to an even bigger successor.

Stubborn and older stains from oil and grease to wine and coffee to carbonated water can often only be removed mechanically. Depending on the type and texture of the marble can also be made corrections with polish. In this case, however, it is more a matter of optical matching of the spots than their removal.

Remove "high" stains in marble

  • whiting
  • spirit
  • salt
  • Neutral cleaner for natural stone
  • Possibly marble polish
  • microfiber cloth
  • water
  • Wet sandpaper or
  • Wet grinding stone

1. Small spots

In order to remove small stains such as sharpeners and drops of, for example, red wine, it may be helpful to use spirit or a special neutral detergent. Apply the diluted detergent and allow to act for five to ten minutes. Then wipe with a damp microfiber cloth. Repeat procedure if necessary.

2. Big spots

Larger patches can also be treated like small patches. If inefficiency should be tried light mechanical cleaning procedures. Dirt erosers are available on the market that can remove highly stained spots and edges. Wet sanding with stone or paper is stronger, but can only remove very "flat" dried spots.

3. New and old spots

For relatively fresh stains with residual moisture such as red wine within 48 hours, distributing moist salt can help. The liquid-sucking action of the salt pulls the wine or coffee out of the pores of the marble. For old stains, which are dried out and deep-drawn, the marble must be sanded off.

4. hide stains

If the texture of the marble is irregular, it is possible to visually "match" marble stain stains. Alcohol is also suitable for cosmetic corrections.

Tips & Tricks

Avoid staining before. Do not place a bottle, drinking glasses or the like on the bare marble. If a stain develops, always remove immediately with salt, whiting or neutral detergent.

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