Paint without wallpaper no problem

Anyone who wants to save the work of wallpapering, can easily paint with modern colors directly on the wall. There are reliable priming options for all types of plaster and concrete. Whether emulsion paint, liquid wallpaper or washable vinyl paint - the selection is great.

Suction behavior, lime and gypsum

Plastered or unpainted concrete walls are easy to paint without wallpaper. Decisive is the deep background, also referred to as wastepaper or primer. The pretreatment eliminates the irregular suction behavior of the wall. The absorption of the color costs on the one hand a lot of color and a uniform covering is almost impossible to achieve.

If the plaster on the wall is calcareous, a thorough pre-cleaning must be done before applying the deep foundation. The wall is scrubbed thoroughly with a brush and lukewarm water. The same applies to walls that are clad with plasterboard.

Color quality and types

When choosing the right paint for painting without wallpaper, there are some indications that indicate good quality. Branded products are always preferable, and the blue angel label is not only relevant to health. All products that have been awarded the tightness meet a minimum standard of opacity.

The most common type of color is the dispersion paint, which after priming is suitable for painting without wallpaper. Latex paints no longer contain latex today. They are washable by a high proportion of synthetic resins. Natural colors include lime, glue, resin and casein paints, which have very different durability and abrasion resistance.

The most important work steps

  • Wash off limescale or gypsum plaster or plates thoroughly
  • Apply primer, deep base or wastepaper
  • Only use branded goods, preferably with blue angels
  • Mix the color well and paint it several times

Tips & Tricks

Latex and latex paints should not be used in bedrooms and children's rooms because they are not breathable and often contain lots of solvents.

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