Balcony renovation: an informative overview

External balconies are exposed to the effects of wind and weather, they withstand years of sun, frost, storm and hail. The commonly used for balcony balcony materials such as concrete, steel, aluminum and impregnated wood prove to be extremely robust, but eventually the balcony renovation is still due. Read all about technical restoration here.

What damages occur on the balcony?

The balcony renovation is necessary at the latest when water penetrates into joints and waterproofing and damages the substance of the balcony and house wall. Spalling on the concrete, rusting reinforcing steel and bursting tiles are also unmistakable signs that a revision is pending.

Sometimes the drainage system does not work anymore, the drainage is ailing or completely clogged. If the rainwater accumulates on the balcony, it quickly leads to further damage. So fast action is needed here.

Also the railing is an important element of the balcony. An unstable parapet can become really dangerous if someone is leaning on it. Cosmetic repairs are part of complete balcony renovation, such as the renovation of paint and flooring.

Balcony renovation: the most important measures

Seal the balcony in the course of the renovation

Moisture penetrating the fabric causes flaking, mold and rotting. In this case, the substrate should first be dried well and then sealed, so that no new water can penetrate.

This is done with the aid of various sealing materials such as a sealing paste to be mixed in powder or with liquid sealant. Also sealing tapes are used.

Protecting the balcony - protecting buildings from energy losses

Protruding concrete slabs are real cold bridges for the house. An otherwise well-insulated building experiences high heat losses, which is why a balcony insulation is needed. As part of a balcony renovation in this case often the entire balcony slab is insulated.

Decouple balcony: prevent cracks

With a special protection mat between screed and tiles not only a seal against moisture takes place. The mat prevents cracks in joints and tiles because it isolates different materials from each other so that no stresses are transmitted.

Renew balcony tiles

A common part of the balcony renovation is the tile renovation. The old tiles will be removed to lay new ones. This requires a few intermediate steps, for example the above-mentioned decoupling.

Renovate balcony railing

Even the parapet often shows damage after many years. Sometimes these remain in the form of peeling paint and rust on the surface. If the defects endanger the safety, a complete renovation of the parapet is appropriate.

In our article series on the topic of balcony renovation, you will learn more about the individual measures, we turn now in the second part of the costs incurred.

Tips & Tricks

If you suspect more than superficial damage to your balcony, it is best to consult an expert before cleaning.

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