Renovation of the conservatory creates a feel-good oasis

Older conservatories often no longer meet the current standards or regulations in terms of energy. In the meantime, some things have become defective or leaky. Now is the time to renovate the conservatory.

Replenish the roof

Many older conservatories still have thin corrugated PVC as a covering. Even if it used to be clear, it's mostly green and brittle now. Not so fast aging double-skin sheets, but over time they are fragile and unsightly.

So if the conservatory is to be renovated, it is time to install a solid roofing either with roof tiles or with a safety glass. If a glass roof is selected, a device for shading should be installed at the same time.

Replace window and door seals

Rubber seals become brittle, hard and brittle. Then they no longer seal the window or door frame and the wind whistles into the conservatory. Coziness is then no longer achievable.

The really simple solution is to replace the seals. In older seals, the matching profile is often not even to be found in a long-established glazier. Then silicone tape or silicone from the cartridge can be used.

Install or replace heater

A winter garden, which previously had no heating or an expensive electric heating, can be connected later in a renovation to the house heating. It is better, however, to provide the winter garden with its own solar heating, if perhaps the roof is replaced anyway.

Replace or renew - the renovation in the conservatory

  • heater
  • seals
  • covering
  • insulation
  • Flooring

Tips & Tricks

Planning also is everything when it comes to renovation. If you renew an element every year, things often get worse than before, because these denominations often do not fit together. If you want to go step by step, you should still have a concept and go from top to bottom. Then you can work through the individual steps gradually.

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