Restoration plaster in the basement for draining the masonry

If the cellar not only smells musty, but also already shows various wet spots, then a restoration plaster can bring the cellar back out of the problem zone. How to apply the restoration plaster in the basement, we show here.

Cause research in the basement

First, you should find out why the cellar is wet. Often missing or leaking horizontal barriers are the cause of a damp cellar. The masonry can then suck the moisture upright like a straw from the ground up.

Another cause is an also missing or leaking vertical barrier. This is the layer that was usually applied in the form of a bituminous coating on the outside of the basement walls. Since it suffers in the soil over the years, inevitably the cellar in this area becomes damp.

Ventilation is missing in the basement

Especially older cellars have a ventilation problem. This creates condensation, which can not dry out, because no draft can be created. Even if you create adequate ventilation options, the old dampened plaster of the basement walls still needs to be renovated.

Main causes of moisture in the basement

  • Horizontal barrier damaged or missing altogether
  • Vertical barrier leaking or missing
  • Lack of ventilation options / incorrect ventilation

Apply restoration plaster in the basement

A renovation plaster is indeed a great help to make the basement again to a pleasant clean room. But without accompanying measures, the renovation plaster alone can not save the cellar.

Errors that are made during the renovation with a sealing plaster are often seen only after a few years. Then, however, they usually continued into the floor and the walls of the floor above.

Create ventilation options

The most important measure are possibilities for ventilation. A restoration plaster can only work if it has the possibility to dissipate the residual moisture by sufficient ventilation.

Even if there are opportunities for ventilation in the basement, this is often done wrong. If it is particularly cold in the basement and outside very hot, then the temperature difference is too high and you get more moisture into the basement, as you ventilate.

Tips & Tricks

Get a real expert for this work in the house and check his references. There are unbelievably many lofty promises, which a restoration plaster can do. But this only works if the work is carried out perfectly, says hardly any of these alleged rehabilitation professionals.

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