Rented apartment: Where are the additional costs for 2 persons?

The rental costs are higher than ever, especially energy prices and municipal fees are rising. Which price factors should you consider? And what are the current additional costs for 2 people?

Statistical values ​​for orientation

To obtain meaningful comparative values, one calculates the additional costs of a rented apartment per square meter. This price was in 2011 at an average of 2.20 EUR per month, now it has risen again slightly.

Heating and hot water nowadays often make up more than half of the operating costs of an apartment. With 2 people, the heating costs do not necessarily increase, but the hot water consumption is increased compared to one person.

Pay particular attention to the regional fluctuations in ancillary rental costs. In some cities, municipal fees are particularly high, while elsewhere they are at a rather low level. Some of these fees are indirectly person number oriented, such as waste disposal and sewer fees.

The first person in a household always pays the most, each roommate increases the costs rather moderately. 2-person households have to reckon with single households above all with higher energy costs.

These factors combine the additional costs

The landlord may charge the tenant proportionally all regularly incurred costs, which are necessary for the operation of the tenement. For example, this includes all the items on the following list.

  • the property tax
  • the homeowners insurance
  • the dirty water canal fees
  • the garbage disposal
  • the maintenance and operating costs of an elevator
  • the winter service
  • the street cleaning
  • the cleaning of common areas
  • the janitor
  • the chimney sweep
  • the maintenance of the central heating
  • the gardener for the care of the outdoor facilities
  • the lighting of shared spaces
  • the TV-Community connection
  • the homeowners insurance
  • TV Community Connection
  • Water and -Energiekosten, if settled over the landlord

Additional costs for 2 persons using the example

A young couple rent a small 3-room apartment. For 50 square meters, they currently pay a service charge of 135 euros per month. Electricity and water they pay off with the Stadtwerke, the two cost another 80 EUR per month.

Cost overviewprice
1. Heating60 EUR
2. Municipal taxes, proportionate26 EUR
3rd house cleaning13 EUR
4. Lighting of shared space18 EUR
5. Community water5 EUR
6. Chimney sweep and central heating service7 EUR
7. Residential building insurance, pro rata6 EUR
total135 EUR

Recalculating can be worthwhile!

Check your annual utility bill exactly, because sometimes there are mistakes that fall to the detriment of the tenants. If this is indeed the case, you can request a correction.

Tips & Tricks

You can save on ancillary costs mainly through energy consumption; even smaller garbage cans often pay off. Although a cleaning plan for the staircase lowers the cleaning costs, but can also cause some trouble with the neighbors.

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