New painting: Does emulsion paint hold on lime paint?

Lime paint is one of the natural, vapor-permeable paints, this color was used very often in earlier times. Today, most homeowners prefer to paint their facades and interiors with emulsion paints, which are considered to be particularly practical and durable. However, if a wall has already been painted with lime paint, can you easily paint emulsion paint on it?

Why disperse paint does not hold on lime paint

As already mentioned, lime paints are vapor-permeable: They allow air and water vapor to pass through and thus provide climatic compensation. In addition, these colors are not as strongly bonded as modern emulsion paints, the surface usually stains a little when touched.

These two properties of the lime paint argue against painting with emulsion paint! These processes are initiated when emulsion paint has been painted on lime paint:

  • The dispersion paint has only limited support on the chalking ground.
  • The lime paint passes water vapor, which then collects under the less diffusible emulsion paint.
  • The emulsion paint is gradually pressed off the wall.
  • After some time, the color starts to scroll.

Sometimes the corresponding damage can be seen after a few months, but in some cases only after several years. Only one thing is certain: normally emulsion paint does not last permanently on lime paint.

Paint over or remove lime paint?

However, lime paint can be wonderfully painted with modern limestone lime, before you should sweep the surface with a soft broom. Best of all, they preserve the diffusibility of the walls and their natural moisture buffer.

The abrasion resistance of the high-quality limestone lime paints can be compared with the emulsion paint, the diffusion properties are more like lime paint. Due to the high pH value, limestone lime paints are also mildew resistant.

If you really want to paint with emulsion paint, you only have to remove the lime paint completely to create a neutral surface. With plenty of water and scrubbing tools, the old paint can be removed.

Tips & Tricks

Some do-it-yourselfers also report good results after applying a special primer to their lime paint before painting with emulsion paint. Ensure a high bond strength and that the material is suitable for outdoor use when applied to the façade.

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