Repair - Ganzheiltich and with system

Cantilever plate, soil surface and concrete balustrade

Chipped corners, cracks, corrosion, faded colors - many balconies no longer look or are beautiful worst case even endangered in their statics.

Although every refurbishment job is different, StoCretec offers a coordinated system that offers a rational solution for every application. These include u. a. Floor coating and concrete protection as well as vapor-permeable protective coatings for concrete balustrades.

Balconies are among the most heavily loaded components: The weather sets them with heat, precipitation, frost and UV rays to. The floors must also be able to withstand aggressive cleaning agents or the "squelching" of their users. Over time, maintenance and renovation work becomes inevitable.

For consistently efficient and safe refurbishment solutions, StoCretec has developed a system of coordinated materials. "Processors need security, so they should always work in one system - and thus receive the building inspectorate approval," says StoCretec Marketing Manager Frank Nuske.

Many soil colors

Interspersed color chips create varied surfaces, Alternatively - and quickly - StoCryl BF 200 can be applied: The soil color is only stirred up in the container before application and can then be processed immediately. It is ideal for balcony floors due to its non-slip surface and high UV resistance.

"The system concept runs through the entire structure - as well as primer, bonding layer or sealer are part of the program," summarizes Nuske. The "3-in-1 product" StoCrete SM was developed for damage to the parapet and adjacent concrete components.

This Quick repair mortar allows reprofiling and fine filling in one operation and dispenses with an additional bonding agent.

"Especially large residential complexes do not only need intact balconies, but here the parapet surfaces are also a design element," says Nuske. For colorful concepts, the vapor-permeable concrete coating StoCryl V 100 is therefore available in the 800 shades of the StoColor system.

Floor and parapet in one hand

Repair - Ganzheiltich and with system: repair

Balcony floors must have high mechanical resistance in summer Winter, on the other hand, is in demand for the ability to reliably bridge cracks, This was previously considered technically incompatible.

"StoPur EB 200" combines both requirements. His special Matrix ensures high mechanical strength, With decreasing temperatures, the elastic properties prevail and cracks that open when the balcony slab cools down are safely bridged.

The coating retains its tightness. Ingress of water and consequential damage are thus permanently prevented. If only little time is available for the refurbishment, the addition "StoDivers EBQ" offers itself. With this System component becomes rainfast already after six hours reached, the pavement is passable after twelve hours (outside temperature 10 degrees).

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