Repairing a washer dryer can be so easy. Can!

Have I already reported on my dryer drama?

Repairing a washer dryer can be so easy. Can!: filter

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We have such an older spa model and that has always shown me the flaw that the lint filter is full. Well, with my technical understanding, I would say: The fan pulls the air through the laundry, in front of the lint filter sits and this is full, somewhere triggered a vacuum switch the error. However, since the lint filter was empty, only something can be clogged (the dimension of the second socks) or the sensor is broken. Can not be that hard, right? So I started to disassemble the machine from top to bottom. There were really two cables down there somewhere... Then they ended up on the drum and formed the moisture sensor. There was no vacuum sensor. Well, now there was only a back wall and the floor on which the engine was mounted. Consequently, I have also disassembled and cleaned everything. When I'm at it. I freed the machine from a lot of fluff, but the fact that I did not find any flaws annoyed me. I would even have preferred to find something after having to dispose of the machine. Anyway, the main thing is a result for my work. But it was just so frustrating.

Repairing a washer dryer can be so easy. Can!: lint

completely disassembled clothes dryer

So build everything together again and hope that the cleaning has been sufficient. No she did not. Please clean the lint filter. So again set to the net and apparently I was not the only one with this phenomenon. Possible defect is a temperature sensor. Sure, actually logical - If the lint filter is clogged, there is a heat accumulation and the sensor (in this case temperature limiter) triggers. The part of the front air duct removed (fortunately goes without major disassembly) and looking for a spare part. Incidentally, the dryer can run smoothly. As long as I take care of the lint, nothing can happen. Except maybe that the error comes anyway and this temperature limiter absolutely nothing to do with it. ?

Well, mistakes were not found. Now it can only be the Temperaturbegenzer on the heating rod. Six screws, the lid was down and I smiled a verschmorter connection to the temperature limiter. The second smokes cheerfully in front of him. A quick check with the gauge and a lighter showed that one did not close and the other did not open. Clearly this leads to overheating and error message. I would have been able to look it up and save a lot of work.

That was not the mistake then

Repairing a washer dryer can be so easy. Can!: dryer

now he is drying again

So I ordered new Temperaturbegrenzer (16 € including shipping) and my dryer was running again. However only briefly. Although he heated properly again and the error message was missing, but he was ready after five minutes and reported dry laundry. Which of course was not the case. The mistake was found quickly. Finally, I had discovered the sensor for the humidity in my troubleshooting and could only have one mistake. If he has no contact, he gives 0% humidity and the machine must assume that the laundry is ready. So check the plug contact and lo and behold, a small clamp was bent. I have addressed and now we have a dryer, which also dries.


With some basic knowledge, time investment and small spare parts, even old equipment must not be disposed of immediately. However, you should probably read before and thus save a lot of work.

However, such work should only be carried out by anyone who has basic knowledge in the electrical sector and a certain amount of technical understanding. Of course, I do not want to animate anyone to screw all their defective devices. Therefore, I have also refrained from detailed instructions for repair. I just wanted to report from my complicated repair for 16 €. ?

Greeting Ricc

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