Required work for renovating a wooden door

Renovating a simple wooden door, consisting of two cavity wood-blockboards, is limited to editing and reshaping the surface. With the cassette doors, which are often found in old buildings, a more elaborate renovation of the substance is worth due to the historical value and appearance.

From cleaning to repair

Of course, the condition of a wooden door determines what amount of work to do during renovation. The spectrum ranges from a superficial treatment such as cleaning, sanding and sealing, through the comprehensive restoration, to repairing and repairing elementary damage.

When old doors are worked up, whose door leaf does not consist of flat wooden surfaces, the renovation is divided into several working steps. Carvings and decorative elements must be worked up by hand, which ranges from sanding to painting. For glazing, non-standard tasks such as re-glazing or sealing and jointing work are added.

This work can be done when renovating a wooden door

1. Sand the door
Almost in no case do you come off without the sanding down or at least sanding the wooden door. Smooth surfaces can be processed with an angle grinder. With different door leaf elements, sanding attachments are suitable for the drilling machine.
2. Picket the door
If you have to remove old paint and varnish residues, you can pick the door off. The liquid stain is applied and after exposure time, the surfaces must be scraped off. For untreated wooden doors stain can also be used as a colorant.
3. Fill the door
Damage in the door leaf such as cracks and holes and damage to trim and applications can be repaired with wood putty. If no later color is applied, the respective putty can be used in the appropriate wood color.
4. Paint the door
In principle, a wooden door should receive a fresh seal after renovation. After applying a suitable primer, which can be the uniformity of the absorption of the wood, the paint or varnish layer is applied in the smallest possible layers. For a natural and transparent seal the glazing of the doors is suitable.
5. Polishing
If you want a shiny door after refurbishment, make sure to use a polishable product when choosing the sealer. With polishing attachments for a drill you achieve the fastest and best results.

Tips & Tricks

Your renovated door can gain in attractiveness if you change the door fitting or at least renew the door handle.

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