The rules for the fall protection of windows

Surely many a viewer has wondered what the meaning and purpose of a so-called Parisian or French balcony is without a floor space or floor element. It complies with the regulations for the fall protection of windows which do not have the prescribed parapet height. State building authorities determine the requirements.

Definition of parapet height

The common usage defines fall protection as a protection device that must be installed in places where there is a risk of falling from half a meter in height. While windows on the ground floor of a house without half-floors no defense is required, the parterre windows must already be secured in a raised floor.

Normally installed windows must have a parapet height regulated by building regulations, which must not be undercut. As parapet height, the height difference between the floor top edge and the lower edge of the clear window opening, ie without windowsill, called.


In addition to a parapet, a guardrail, grille or a closed slab is permitted as a reinforcement. In addition to the minimum height, breakthrough safety requirements must also be met. An average adult of 85 kilograms must be kept safe by the fall protection when leaning against it.

Therefore, not only the material of the fall protection and the height plays a role, but also the attachment must be designed accordingly. When attaching a window grille, as is the case with French or Parisian balconies, a minimum tensile force must be achieved. This is especially true when you self-build the window lock.

Prescribed heights

Although the parapet heights are set by the federal states in the state building code, the standard minimum height in almost all countries eighty centimeters, for protections ninety centimeters at crash heights of up to twelve meters. For larger fall heights, ninety centimeters are required for parapets and 110 centimeters for wardrobes in most countries.

For the prices of floor-to-ceiling windows, the costs for an adequate and obligatory fall protection must be calculated for all non-ground-level window types.

Tips & Tricks

Inquire about the exact regulations for material, fastening, condition and height at your local construction office.

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