Reset the dishwasher

Modern dishwashers not only work electrically, they also have a lot of electronics installed. Although these components are becoming increasingly reliable, it can also lead to malfunction. The reset of a dishwasher can therefore be necessary again and again. Even technically less gifted people can save money for expensive customer service in many cases.

It can not be done without electronics

The electronics in dishwashers provide even more convenience in operation, but brings with it many other benefits:

  • higher ease of use
  • lower water consumption
  • lower power consumption
  • more efficient use of cleaning components (salt, rinse aid, tabs or dishwasher powder)

The dishwasher electronics ensure safety

In addition, the electronics protects equipment in case of malfunction from major damage. As described under "Reading out error memory", the software executes numerous "if, then" commands. This does not just include standard procedures during the program. Even malfunctions are secured in this way.

Operation of the electronics of a dishwasher

For example, a water pressure sensor is installed. Only when the pressure of the water that comes out of the water pocket is right, the water heater turns on. If the software detects an error here, it can switch off certain processes. Here, for example, the heating of the water. Now, the water pressure may have been unequaled one time, because the access was perhaps hampered by a foreign body.

The fault memory must be reset

But the device can not recognize this. Rather, the software must emanate from a really serious mistake. So this error is stored. As long as the error is then in the error memory, the function concerned is also suspended. This can also be similar to a computer, that the software just hung up. Just as with the computer then a reset, a restart must be performed.

But there may be a real malfunction

Nevertheless, you should heed the procedure, which we have summarized under the already mentioned link (error memory of the dishwasher read and delete). Because it can also be natural that there is really a malfunction. But mistakes are not always reproducible. This in turn means that the dishwasher can work for a while after the reset, only to display the error message again.

This will tell you if there is a defect

At least now you have to repair the dishwasher or call customer service. The same applies if the dishwasher immediately saves the error again at the next program start or shuts down the relevant process. In most cases, the dishwasher will continue to work perfectly.

Reset the dishwasher

Resetting the dishwasher is usually also described in the manual. It is usually a combination of keys or a key that has to be pressed for several seconds. For some devices, it is sufficient to unplug the power cord for a few seconds. Never try to press different keys (in combination or over several seconds). You can do so much unwanted damage (reprogramming or reset to factory settings, etc.).

Tips & Tricks

Many malfunctions may clearly indicate an apparent defect. For example, if the dishwasher does not dry. Mostly immediately the heating (the heating rod or water heater of the dishwasher) is suspected. But it can be responsible for numerous other malfunctions. Precisely because of the built-in electronics, which possibly only because the heater does not turn on, because the water pressure is too low.

So proceed as with the washing machine repair - always first the possible simple defects and then the more complex sources of error. Preferably, however, you should always read the fault memory.

A reset of the dishwasher means that you clear the fault memory. Before the reset, you should therefore read out the fault memory in any case. A specialist company or the manufacturer can explain the hidden menu and what the individual error codes mean.

Video Board: Reset dishwasher. Not running a full cycle