Residential winter garden - you have to expect these prices

A residential winter garden has many advantages and enhances the house visually and financially. As far as prices are concerned, various aspects must be taken into account so that the construction project does not get out of hand and the budget is exceeded.

Compare prices and get offers

Fewest builders build a residential winter garden on their own. But it helps to compare the prices, if you know the individual components with their approximate costs. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, most providers do not break their offers. In most cases, the client has to request a broken offer.

Square meter prices for the conservatory

A good residential winter garden will end up with at least the same cost per square meter as a normal single-family home. With 1,500 to 2,000 euros per square meter you have to expect in a normal heated residential conservatory. Shading is not even included.

Get the price fixed

If the decision for a particular conservatory has been made, the provider should make a firm offer. In the end, costs can not increase by more than ten percent, which is important in this cost dimension.

Cost overviewprice
1st foundation1,200 EUR
2nd conservatory12,000 EUR
3. Surcharge safety glass as a cover7,600 EUR
4. Connection to existing heating600 EUR
5th floor duct heating400 EUR
6. Surcharge Isoglas in windows and doors5,600 EUR
7. tiled floor1,200 EUR
8. Assembly costs2,600 EUR
total31,200 euros

Tips & Tricks

Get at least three quotes in which each section is broken down one at a time. So you can better identify and mitigate cost drivers in the offers. Due to the large competition among companies, not necessarily existing local carpentry should be the cheapest. Even companies that have to travel quite far, make good offers, so they get orders.

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