Resin floor without joints in the bathroom

A resin floor in the bathroom is particularly attractive because of its jointlessness. Keeping clean and clean is made easier, and the large selection of synthetic resin types and compositions means that there is no limit to the design and touch feel. However, the continuous surface must meet an important requirement.

Diffusion-proof and waterproof

The choice of resin floors is almost unlimited. Colors, textures, decors and warmth sensation can be precisely adapted to personal taste. Depending on the additives and mixing ratios, more rustic or natural stone-like patterns and finishes can be used.

Modern synthetic resins are waterproof and have the same slip resistance as conventional tiles. They close the floor diffusion-proof. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to a "healthy" substructure. These include dried out masonry and diffusion barriers.

Material insensitive to moisture

The moisture and moisture that occurs when using the bathroom is not a problem in a properly installed resin floor. The fully waterproof surface can bead off the harsh moisture or moisture.

The decisive factor is a process that derives structurally standing water. The standing water or permanent moisture make the resin itself nothing. However, you run the risk of slipping and can, in case of insufficient ventilation, form mold.

Drain by floor tilt

In order to properly ensure the drainage of moisture, a drainage option must be planned when creating the synthetic resin floor. In principle, full-surface floor slopes or recessed drainage channels or gutters are possible.

As special drainage systems, floor drains can be cast in different shapes. A piping, again with physically required run-offs, is laid under the synthetic resin floor.

If the necessary construction height can not be implemented, lateral outflows in the wall with total surface slopes are the alternative. Since the synthetic resin itself can not be applied "askew" as a liquid casting agent, the substructure must provide the necessary inclination.

In order to be able to apply a synthetic resin soil evenly on an inclined surface and to counteract the force of gravity, the viscosity behavior must be precisely controlled by appropriate additives. The viscosity is more similar to a jelly mass and must be applied quickly and spread.

Tips & Tricks

If you have no experience in resin processing, you should hire a specialist for your bathroom. The handicraft demands are high and can lead to a costly complete refurbishment if not fulfilled.

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