Use functional or decorative synthetic resin

Synthetic resin can be used to create practical and decorative transparent bodies. They can be cast as a protective cover around objects, including organic nature, serve as Stromflussisolierende workpieces or are designed in a variety of jewelry, art and presentation forms. A manual of the manufacturer should always be followed.

Resin and shape types

The liquid to tough-flowing synthetic resin can be poured in an open or closed mold. The forms are used either for single use (lost form) or used several times. In this case, a separating agent must be applied before pouring.

As types of synthetic resin come several types into consideration, all contain and excrete in the liquid state at least harmful to health and usually toxic agents. As usual resin types are used.

  • epoxy
  • polyester
  • silicone
  • Vinylester
  • phenol
  • acrylic

Technical application

The protective function of synthetic resin in combination of complete freedom of any conductivity of electric current makes the material interesting as an insulation helper. Typical components that can be cast from synthetic resin are cast resin sleeves, which encase power cables and connections. They are not reversible. Synthetic resin can also serve valuable services in the thermo-mechanical sector by its insensitivity to many external influences.

Decorative insert

Very popular is the trapped insect in a resin block. It is a good example that almost every item can be cast in synthetic resin. Due to the airtight inclusion, organic exhibits also remain rot-free. It is only important to check whether the parts to be enclosed have a chemical-physical effect on the desiccation and hardening process of the selected synthetic resin.

Tips & Tricks

You can use premixed and ready-to-use one-component resins or mix two-component products for a more individual setting. The viscosity or pot life must allow long enough to eliminate any trapped air bubbles when you pour yourself by mechanical "squeezing" can.

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