Removing resin stains: This is how it works

During a forest visit or by putting on a piece of furniture made of fresh wood, we can quickly draw a sticky resin spot. What at first glance looks like glue and difficult to remove, can be removed without residue from most materials. We explain how to remove resin stains.

Instructions for removing resin stains from textiles, rumble and carpet

  • Freezer or ice spray
  • Benzine or alcohol
  • Cloth or cotton ball

1. Freeze textiles

First, the excess resin should be scraped off, so that really only one stain remains. This is best done by placing your garment in the freezer and freezing the stain. Subsequently, the hardened resin can be scraped off perfectly.

The stain is on the carpet or a piece of upholstered furniture? Then use ice spray for icing.

2. Pre-treat stain

All that remains is a stain and a few resin residues. These eliminate them with benzene or alcohol. First, test colored garments for color fastness in an invisible location: that is, add some of the detergent, e.g. on the inside of the hem, let it work for a short while, rinse it out and check if the fabric has not lost any color in the spot.

If not, continue to treat the stain: Add petrol or alcohol to the stain and let it work for about fifteen minutes.

Then dab the spot with a cotton ball or cloth. Only work dabbing and do not make rubbing circular movements, otherwise you distribute the resin even more in the tissue!

3. Washing

First wash the stain under running, warm water and then put the fabrics in the washing machine.

Beware of sensitive substances!

You should not treat sensitive substances such as silk with alcohol or benzine. You can try oil or butter instead and then remove the stain with a special silk cleaner. Only in case of emergency should be resorted to the sharp means, as these may damage the fibers and especially the color.

Remove resin from the hands

Resin dissolves in grease and oil and therefore can best be removed with butter or oil from the hands: just rub your hands with enough and rinse with warm water and soap.

Remove resin from leather

Leather is just skin, so you can work with butter or oil here to solve the encrustation. You should then remove the stain with special leather cleaner.

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