Retroregal: build kitchen shelf

Retroregal: build kitchen shelf: shelf

Construction time: 8 hours

material list

For a counter shelf: MDF board, 19mm: 1,400 x 300 mm, 2 pieces (T 1)
300 x 142mm, 2 pieces (T2)
1,400 x 180 mm, 1 piece (T3)
For two large shelves: MDF board, 19mm: 800 x 300mm, 4 pieces (G1)
300 x 262 mm, 4 pieces (G2)
800 x 300 mm, 2 pieces (G3)
For two small shelves: MDF board, 19 mm: 600 x 200 mm, 4 pieces (K1)
162 x 200 mm, 4 pieces (K2)
600 x 200 mm, 2 pieces (K3)
  • Phillips screws 4.0 x 40 mm, 122 pieces
  • Phillips screws 5.0 x 70 mm, 11 pieces
  • Dowels, 8 pieces (depending on wall condition), 11 pieces
  • Genius PRO primer, 750 ml
  • Genius PRO universal varnish, 375 ml, white
  • Genius PRO Supercolor Mix Lacquer, 750 ml, orange (color mixing service)
  • putty
  • Assembly adhesive, 310 ml

tool list

Retroregal: build kitchen shelf: Genius

  • pencil
  • ruler
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • impact drill
  • Schleifkork
  • 180s and 240s sandpaper
  • sinker
  • Wood drill 5 and 6 mm
  • Stone drill 8 mm
  • brush
  • paint roller
  • spatula

Note: When screwing two wooden parts, the wooden part, which is screwed through first, must always be pre-drilled! For a flush surface, all screw heads should be sunk.

Cut, drill and grind

Have all MDF panels cut to size at the hardware store. Drill 5 mm wall-mounting holes evenly spaced into the back panels (3) (100 mm from the side and 60 mm from the top), and rub the hole with you the countersink so that the screws later finish flush. Grind all edges with 180 grit sandpaper.

Retroregal: build kitchen shelf: kitchen

Screw, fill and grind

Retroregal: build kitchen shelf: build

Screw the shelves (1) to the side panels (2). Fasten all screw connections and smooth the surfaces with 180 grit sandpaper. Prime all parts with Genius PRO primer. After drying, sand everything with 240 grit sandpaper and then apply Genius PRO Universal Paint. Bond, screw and drill

Retroregal: build kitchen shelf: kitchen

When the paint has dried properly, thinly apply mounting adhesive to the back edges and screw the back panels (3) to the individual shelf parts with 4 x 40mm screws. Now, mark the holes for wall mounting. The upper edge of the counter part should be 1,100 mm high. Drill the holes with the impact drill and an 8 mm masonry drill, hammer in the dowels and secure the shelves with 5 x 70 mm screws. Give in - done!

Retroregal: build kitchen shelf: kitchen

Retroregal: build kitchen shelf: Genius

Courtesy of toom

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