Appraiser for buying a house - that's what it costs

Anyone who is not busy as a professional with houses should definitely seek the support of a reliable and, above all, independent appraiser when buying a house. The relatively low cost is not important against a possible bad buy.

Appraiser brings security

Every home buyer wants to buy a building as cheaply as possible. The opposite is the understandable desire of a home seller to get as much as possible for his object. Since mold damage is already quickly painted over or damp spots covered.

So that the best possible result for the high investment sum comes out with a house purchase, an independent expert should be consulted.

Appraiser for buying a house - that's what it costs: house

Costs for the appraiser when buying a house

Some reviewers offer an assessment of a single-family home at a flat rate. The basic price of an appraiser should be for an object up to 200,000 euros at about 400 to 500 euros.

This may seem daunting at first, but it is not in proportion to saving money and nerves when something is wrong with a building.

Fee regulation regulates property valuation

The fees that may be charged for a property valuation are set by fee regulations in the individual federal states. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, a basic fee of 0.2 percent is charged on objects up to a value of one million euros.

Surcharges and extras

In addition, surcharges of up to € 300 may be charged for the preparation of documents or extensive research. If special legal conditions are to be examined for the valuation, for example an over-access right, then an additional 500 euros can grace the bill.

The expert may also write the costly determination of structural damage or construction defects on the object with up to 700 euros on the bill.

Important facts for home buyers

Among other things, the appraiser determines these details for the home buyer:

  • correct living space
  • correct land area
  • building state
  • Check windows and doors
  • Mold and moisture
  • Condition insulation
  • Condition roofing
  • correct construction
  • possibly blower door test

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that the appraiser is really in no relation to the homeowner. In many places, there are examiners who are certified and therefore should act more independently. If in doubt, make inquiries at the Chamber of Crafts.

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