Screw rhombus strips with or without clamping device

For the special shape of the rhombus strips there are, besides the possibility to screw them piercing, some specific screwing solutions. In particular on facades an invisible fastening method is usually desired. Even for a free-standing privacy fence screw fasteners can be well hidden.

Disadvantages of continuous screws

Rhombus strips resemble conventional wooden slats, which have bevelled upper and lower edges. They can be fixed by long wood screws, which lead completely through the bar to a slatted base. The direct screwing to a wall with dowel holes is possible.

Disadvantage of the continuous screws are the open screw heads. In addition to the visually assessed as unattractive visibility more risks are given, which also depends on which screws are selected:

  • The wood of the rhombus ledges is "injured" and can rot from the holes
  • The screws can rust and leave ugly marks on the wood
  • The distances of the rhombus strips can be uneven

Clamp and plug-in mounting

Manufacturer of rhombus strips usually offer for your products screwing, which can be attached invisibly. The systems consist of a combination of clamping and screwing technology.

Many rhombic ledges are not sawn as "honest" rhombuses. The profile forms the typical Rhombenform to a selected front and has at the back of a groove, with which the bar can be hooked into hook or clamp systems.

Frequently, rails bolted to the substructure simultaneously function as reliable spacers. The groove running at the lower edge of the rhombus strip serves as an insertion opening. After attaching the upper edge or the upper part of the backside is fixed with a clip, a clamp or a screw.

Piles, posts and columns

A free-standing sight protection of rhombus moldings in fence form is either placed on a fence slat holding structure or mounted between posts. When placing the same techniques as in a facade and wall mounting are possible. However, this always creates a less respectable "back".

For the invisible screw connection between piles, posts or columns, the end faces of the rhombus ledges are "hung". In order to avoid intermediate supports, the distances between the individual vertical attachment points must not exceed two meters, depending on the thickness of the strips.

Tips & Tricks

Individual manufacturers also offer rhombus strips with tongue and groove technology as an alternative to single screw connections. You can also achieve the typical diamond look by screwing through continuous grooved joints.

Product picture: U.J. Alexander / Shutterstock

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