Attach rhombus strips invisibly with push-in and screw systems

Rhombus moldings develop their attractive and decorative appearance on facades, above all, through the undisturbed and unbroken wood look. Many manufacturers have developed screw and plug-in systems with which an invisible fasten easily possible. Play along with the distances, angles and spaces between the elements.

Stretched, compressed and altered groin forms

The simplest and fastest way to fix the rhombus strips is to screw in the material throughout. Disadvantage is at least four exposed screw heads, usually much more. In addition to the aesthetic aspect of the screw heads form neuralgic points, where both rust and wood decomposition can occur.

Rhombus strips have a rectangular cross-section, in which two opposite edges run parallel at an oblique angle. To install invisible fasteners, several technical solutions are common:

  • The massive diamonds are drilled on the back and provided with fixing points
  • The rhombus strips have a unilaterally altered edge, which has a groove or a slot. In it wall hooks or brackets can be hung
  • On the smooth back of the strips fittings are screwed as suspension lugs
  • The cross-sectional profiles of the strips are attached to attached to the substructure staples. The rhombus ledges do not need to be drilled and "injured"

Relation of joint width and privacy

An important aspect of the invisibility of the fortifications is the distance of the rhombus strips to each other. Depth and angle of the beveled sides form the joints or spaces. From a 45-degree angle complete privacy protection begins to the ground. Shallower angles are possible in many situations, as the viewing angle on walls is largely oblique.

If a complete privacy screen is to be built, the following variables can be used for the hidden mounting:

  • The width of the joints is lowered below the depth or thickness of the strip
  • The attachment points and aids are completely covered by the inguinal surface
  • Hooks and staples "disappear" in serrated profile shapes of the rhombus ledges
  • Prefabricated tongue and groove strips are placed as continuous elements

In all systems requiring the screwing or nailing of strips, all "injuries" should be impregnated.

Tips & Tricks

Find out about the fastening systems before buying the rhombus strips. Ideally, you first decide on the method of attachment and then look for the appropriate profile shapes.

Artikelbild: Radovan1 / Shutterstock

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