Ride-on mower and lawn tractors for the garden

Model variety of the riding mower

Ride-on mowers, which are often called "seat mower", "Ride on"or"lawn tractor"(not to be confused with" lawn tractors ") form a class of their own among lawnmower machines, which were once designed to conveniently handle especially medium-sized areas up to about 2,500 square meters.

Starting from 500 square meters of garden area It makes sense to think about the purchase of such a special lawn mower, because it makes work in the garden a lot easier. You should choose the ride-on mower especially regarding two criteria: the nature of your garden and the subsequent storage in a garage or similar premises.

There is a wide choice of ride-on mowers: From small manoeuvrable rower mowers, which can easily reach every corner in the garden and can be stowed away to save space, to larger mowers with a wide cut surface, to quickly master particularly large, expansive areas such as fields or pastures, hobby gardeners will find all models in a well-stocked specialist shop.

tip: With a ride-on mower, you sit directly above the engine, while the lawn tractor, the engine is in front of the seat under a hood. The latter models are larger and also have much more power.

Ride-on mower and lawn tractors for the optimal care of large gardens

Ride-on mower and lawn tractors for the garden: garden

In addition to the conventional lawnmower with Electric or combustion engine There are also other alternatives to bring the manicured lawn in the garden back to a desired length. Except the sweaty methods, like working with onemechanical cylinder mowerThere are also extremely comfortable solutions that make the heart of every technology-loving gardener beat faster.

The outward appearance of the ride-on mower is reminiscent of a small tractor, but these luxurious mowers have it all. Even large lawns are mowed quickly, accurately and with little effort. In this way, an annoying work becomes a pleasure and you can invest the additional time gained in leisure and family.

In the following, we will advise you on the subject of riding mowers for your own garden.

Equipment of a riding mower

Ride-on mower and lawn tractors for the garden: garden

Ride-on mowers are particularly suitable for wide fields and large gardens.

As with any costly purchase, the first rule is: Do not save on the wrong end. Good ride-on mowers are off round 1.500 € and, in contrast to the cheaper alternatives, have significantly fewer weak points. Suspension, transmission or steering are often the headaches of cheap mover owners, so you should choose a brand-name machine right from the start to enjoy the ride-on mower for a long time.

Another important factor when buying is the pitch of the Rider. If your garden has extreme bumps and inclines, pay attention to another wheelbase of the mower to prevent it from tipping over. In addition, the wheels should be as possible wide be and over handy profile so they can not slip away with the mower, even on wet grass.

Ride-on mower and lawn tractors for the garden: tractors

Smaller models are good for the home garden.

tip: Generally, however, mowing in dry weather is recommended. Damp grass can be cut significantly worse.

An important point is also the catch tray, Here, the emptying should be as simple as possible, so as not to be unnecessarily involved. Many mowers have a level indicator that tells you reliably when to empty the basket. In this way you avoid clogging of the mower and save annoying cleaning work.

An additional extra is a water connection directly on the mower, In this way, the grass can be easily removed from the mower and the collection container.

Comfort and noise level

Ride-on mower and lawn tractors for the garden: tractors

The riding mower works fast and precisely. Test the device before buying.

In addition to the function of mowing, the comfort of the driver should of course not be neglected in a ride-on mower. A height-adjustable steering wheel and a comfortable seat should be part of the equipment to prevent unwanted effects such as back pain after mowing from the beginning.

The purchase at the dealer is highly recommended, because you can look at the devices and compare locally. In addition to the technology and the look of a mower often also the acoustics plays a role. The volume of the mower varies significantly, which should be considered when buying with neighbors with sensitive ears.

tip: Let yourself be advised extensively and test the desired model in retailers, Here you can quickly determine whether the device is the right one or not.

Five general purchase criteria

Ride-on mower and lawn tractors for the garden: garden

In a ride-on mower, the engine is under the seat.
  1. Make sure that the lawn tractor can be retrofitted. Spare parts should also be reorderable. Be informed in advance about all additional options, such as snow chains, road salt trailers and snow blowers for lawn tractors.
  2. Access brands that equip their ride-on mowers with a seal of approval or safety certificate. Here you can rely on increased security.
  3. Hobby gardeners can choose between three options: lawn tractors with rear or side ejection and models with mulch option. This eliminates catching the ejection in the catcher and the clippings remain as a natural fertilizer on the lawn.
  4. Difficult terrain should only be mowed by four-wheel drive lawn tractors. For the normal home garden without gradient, a model with rear-wheel drive is sufficient.
  5. Lawn tractors and riding mowers are offered as diesel or gasoline powered. With the transmission, automatic and manual skating are available. Decide here on personal preferences.

Ride-on mower and lawn tractors for the garden: lawn

The riding mower from the front...

Ride-on mower and lawn tractors for the garden: garden

... and from behind.

Possible weaknesses of the riding mower and lawn tractors

Ride-on mower and lawn tractors for the garden: ride-on

The transitions between the lawn and the bed are often inaccessible and difficult to mow.

The luxurious lawn mowers are ideal for large gardens and wide fields - with them, the annoying mowing work succeeds much faster and back-friendly. In addition, lawn mowing also makes fun: children love being allowed to ride on the lawn tractor.

Nevertheless, even the largest tractors have a decisive one weak spot: their turning circle. Especially in gardens with many trees, shrubs and hedges, mowing with large and rather bulky lawnmowers can be a matter of patience, as it is difficult to cut transitions accurately. Even avoiding obstacles can prove to be extremely complicated - a multiple forward and backward reset must be planned here.

If you ride your ride-on mower too close to bushes, hedges and trees, you risk scratching the paint, making the garden tool more susceptible to rust and damaging the look.

Maintain lawn tractor properly

Ride-on mower and lawn tractors for the garden: tractors

Bear in mind the size of the riding mower: The lawn tractors take up a lot of space in the garage. At a Outdoor Storage threaten rust and Material wear.

The lawn tractor is a costly purchase and should be properly maintained to stay functional for a long time. After each use, the rider or lawn tractor should be hosed out of the garden hose with running water. To clean the underside of the mower deck, the chute and the emptied fishing box.

Danger: The lawn tractor is never cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.

Information about a necessary Oil, Spark Plug or Air filter change can be found in the maintenance plan of the operating instructions. If you can not afford such major maintenance, you can have your device overhauled by qualified personnel.

Before winter, clean the mower and treat the underside of the mower deck with a spray of oil to prevent any rust. Existing rust can be removed if necessary with special polishing wadding. For hibernation, it is also necessary that the gas tank emptied and the carburetor is driven empty. Charge the battery before the winter break and then again before the first start-up in the spring.

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