The right amount of box gutter ensures optimal drainage

Box gutters serve to catch the rainwater running off the roof surface. The shape and dimensions of the gutter parts depend on the size of the area to be drained. The corresponding DIN regulations must be adhered to as far as possible.

Optimal drainage protects against consequential damage

Only if the box gutter has been properly selected and installed, it is ensured that the rainwater drains well. Thus, no consequential damage to the building arise.
Rain gutters are available in different profiles, in addition to semicircular and box-shaped parts are common. The material used is aluminum, PVC, stainless steel, sheet steel, copper or titanium zinc.

The dimensions

In addition to the differences in the materials box gullies are also differentiated according to their dimensions.
With a roof area of ​​up to 20 square meters, 10-part box channels with a nominal width of 68 are used; up to 40 square meters, 8-piece channels with a nominal width of 83 are used. For roofs of up to 100 square meters, 6-part channels with a nominal width of 115 are used.

Also decisive are rebate height, floor width and bead height. Common are 10-part gutters in the NW 68 with a rebate height of 55 mm, bottom width 68 and bead height 50 mm.

The eight-section box channels with NW 83 have a rebate height of 65, a bottom width of 83 and a bead height of 60 mm. For the 6-section channels with nominal width 115, the rebate height is 85 mm, the bottom width 117 mm and the bead height 70 mm.

If you install a box gutter, this will do for many years. For this reason, it is important to choose the right and optimal dimensions. Anyone who is not sure what size is right for their roof, can be advised by the retailer.

The prices of the suppliers depend on the dimensions

Box gullies in dimensions of up to five meters are available. There are three meters of plastic box channels in RG 70 from just under 20, - Euro in the trade.

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Tips & Tricks

Depending on the installation situation, nominal size and material, plan compensation for movement. So the thermal expansion, ie a temperature-induced change in length of the channel is guaranteed.

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