The right vacuum cleaner for laminate and parquet

Parquet floors are among the most popular floors in living spaces. In contrast, laminate impresses with its low cost and great variety. For both the vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning - which conditions he should fulfill it, read here.

Properties of parquet and laminate

Parquet floors - whether as a genuine oak parquet floor or low priced parquet - offer a hard and smooth surface that is easy to clean. Also, the laminate floor is particularly hard at its top, so that dirt and dust always deposited only on the surface. From there it can be sucked off well.

Fine joints

With completely sealed parquet joints play no role. With prefinished parquet and laminate, however, there are always very fine joints between the individual parts of the floor, into which dust can penetrate. Unlike with the vacuum cleaner, it is difficult to remove from there.

Vacuum cleaner requirements

For a vacuum cleaner is optimal for hard floors, such as parquets and laminates, only a few requirements must be met. The table below shows you which ones are.

Soft brush ringprevents scratches on delicate parquet or laminate surfaces
Parquet nozzle available or available as an accessoryparticularly soft and large-surface insert made of felt material or natural hair helps better to avoid scratches
no soft rollsin soft rolls, pebbles or dirt can be pressed and scratched
no easy blocking rollerscan cause streaks on the floor

Special suckers for laminate and parquet

Special models for laminate and parquet do not exist in the vacuum cleaner, which is not necessary. The function of the vacuum cleaner is already particularly well-suited for hard soils, where only superficial dirt has to be extracted.

For laminate floors, however, vacuum robots can also be used well. Their otherwise rather moderate performance is much better on smooth surfaces, as numerous tests show. For carpets, however, the cleaning quality is significantly worse than with manual cleaning.

Tips & Tricks

Special parquet nozzles can be found on almost every vacuum cleaner as an accessory, but the prices are quite different. If you suck without a parquet nozzle, you should always push out the brush ring on the vacuum cleaner and free it from dirt and small stones. Even so, a hard floor can be cleaned well with the vacuum cleaner.

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