Choose the right wall color with our »Color Timetable«

Before the new painting is an important step: selecting the appropriate wall paint, which ensures the right atmosphere in the room. Clarity is not always clear about the color, many a hard-working do-it-yourselfer even feels overwhelmed by the huge variety of colors. But do not worry: there is also the right feel-good tone for you, here is your signpost there!

Choose the right wall color with this tactic

Two aspects play an important role in the selection of the wall paint: The existing furniture together with its own color tones and of course your personal taste: The wall color that you choose should fit harmoniously into the overall picture and give you a pleasant feeling.

We suggest to go in search of the right wall color in turn and to write down first your own favorite tones. It's best to pick up a RAL color fan and pick out the most beautiful wall colors. Now it goes on as follows:

  • See which of your favorite colors are reflected in the existing furniture.
  • Also, check if any of your scored shades create a particularly beautiful color harmony with your existing furnishings - or a chic contrast.
  • See if the selected hues are really bright enough to keep the room dark. Which of them would you use lightened?
  • Imagine the individual shades over a large area on the wall and consider whether they do not look too powerful in "clenched form".
  • Do you want to select only one color or maybe two harmonizing tones to paint different wall zones? Which match?

Based on these questions and considerations, you have already approached the right color for your wall. In order to consolidate the result and finally select a wall color that will do you good in the long run, you can also use other criteria.

Choose the wall color according to Feng Shui and Co.

The colors surrounding us influence our soul life, that's for sure. This is why an office wall is particularly suitable for concentration-enhancing sounds, and in the bedroom, a calming or erotic wall paint makes a wonderful impression.

If necessary, select your wall color by impact, either [feng-shui wall colors] according to Feng Shui rules or modern color psychology. How to get an atmospheric room!

Tips & Tricks

High old building spaces can well tolerate a horizontal subdivision of the wall: In the lower third, you paint a slightly darker shade, the upper two-thirds are beautiful bright. So you may already choose two wall colors!

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