Find the right washing machine: our buying guide

It's time again: the old washing machine is not working anymore, a new one has to come. But which model should it be this time? Maybe your life circumstances have changed in the meantime, but certainly the technology has progressed since the last device purchase. We have put together 6 important points to consider when making a purchase.

Successful washing machine purchase: You should pay attention to this!

1. Where is the correct filling quantity?

An important feature of any washing machine is the possible capacity. A single household is sure to come with a 3kg machine, while a small family of up to three people would rather prefer a 5kg drum.

Four or five people usually handle a 6 to 8 kg machine well, while an even larger household benefits from a correspondingly large unit. Those who own a machine that is too big will seldom fill it completely, this leads to unnecessary energy consumption.

2. For whom is a top loader suitable?

Top loaders can be filled from the top and usually have a rather small to medium size drum. They are suitable for people who want to fill their machine as back-friendly as possible with laundry. These devices are particularly space-saving, they also fit in small bathrooms.

3. Which functions are necessary?

Some washing machines have a variety of interesting features, but not all of them are actually needed in a particular case. A good device should always have an Eco button, which is water and energy efficient. An aquastop system also often proves useful.

For added convenience, the rinse hold button allows you to delay the program end. Remaining run indicators are pretty handy, but they are not very accurate. The load sensor protects the drum from overload and provides data for a detergent dosing recommendation.

4. Which number of tours should my machine have?

If you regularly wash towels and bed linen, you should resort to a washing machine that creates at least 1,200 rev / min. With frequent dryer use it should be even 1400 U / min, because the spin drying is cheaper than the heat drying.

Important: Buy a washing machine that can also be regulated to a lower number of revolutions of about 800 rpm, so that the (crease) sensitive laundry does not suffer so much.

5. Water and electricity consumption: save cash

Washing machines with Aqua Sensor automatically adjust the water supply to the respective amount of laundry, saving money. Otherwise, your new machine with 5 kg drum should consume about 40 liters per wash, with an 8 kg drum it would be about 60 liters.

The energy efficiency class provides information about the power consumption of a washing machine, new appliances are at least A +. When buying used models, we recommend at least an A-label, starting from B is power-consuming, outdated technology.

6. Volume: Silently fling for relaxed neighborhood

You live in a soundproof house? Then buy a washing machine that will sound no higher than 70 decibels when spinning. Night programs last for hours, but ensure a particularly quiet background noise.

Tips & Tricks

Clarify the usability of your new machine exactly. Test the desired model on-site in the specialist shop or read through extensive extensive customer reviews on the Internet.

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