Rigips one-man plate for self-assembly

One-man records have their name because they can only just be processed by a craftsman - two hands are sufficient. One-man panels are available in formats 1500 x 1000 mm with 10 mm thickness, or in longer form with 2000 x 600 or 2600 x 600 and 12, 5 mm thickness. In this way, the plates are easier to handle than the usual formats with between 2 and 4 meters in length and a width of 1.25 meters. To assist the craftsman who works alone, there are also different self-assembly aids, a plate lifters proves in any case as a very valuable support, because the plate can be moved and held with one hand, and with the free hand, the operation the cordless screwdriver is possible. Self-assembly systems provisionally fix the plate so that it can be screwed on with both hands.

Plate sizes and stud work

Since with transverse mounting of the plates the stand distance should always be half the length of the plate, different plate sizes may affect the required stud work. Of course, especially plates with a length of 2.60 meters are tempted to use them vertically. Here, however, then - this is already calculated, with one-man plates tighter stand distances necessary than when GK one-man plates with 1500 x 1000 millimeters mounted transversely. It is advisable to compare both plate sizes with two drawings before, so that you can determine the more favorable variant for you, vertical plates in room height are installed much faster. The option of using "large", higher-width plasterboards instead of one-man panels may still be the case - in general, dual-width panels can still be handled well once they are cut to room height. For suspended ceilings but always recommend the smaller formats when working alone.

No differences to other drywall panels

One-man records are just one size class - the boards themselves are built the same way as the larger sizes, and are also processed the same way. There are also wet room panels and insulation boards in one-panel format, especially when gluing small formats are usually much easier to handle.

Rigips one-man plate for self-assembly: plates

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