Wheel brush comparison 2018

Purchase advice for rim brush comparison or test 2018

  • A proper car cleaning also includes the scrubbing and polishing of the rims: With a wheel brush, coarse dirt can be removed - so that your wheel rim then shines in new splendor.
  • If you want to buy a rim brush, keep in mind that harder models are more efficient, but not suitable for sensitive chrome or alloy wheels.
  • In the guide to our wheel brush comparison, we also present you other cleaning accessories - the best cleaning results can be achieved if you grab next to the brush and a special wheel cleaner.

Wheel brush comparison 2018: brush

For many Germans own car is far more than a mere commodity: This shows a survey by the polling institute Forsa and the insurance group CosmosDirekt. As many as 22 percent of respondents said they even talk to their car every now and then.

No matter whether you are a mere means of transportation or a familiar conversation partner: Over time, every car gets dirty. Therefore you should carry out a thorough exterior and interior cleaning periodically. Especially in the spaces between the rims quickly accumulate mud, gravel, dust and Co. and spoil the car friend the sight of his companion.

With special cleaner and wheel wash brush you remove even the coarsest dirt - and without leaving ugly scratches. Find out more about the useful cleaning article in the following purchase advice for our wheel brush comparison 2018.

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1. Wheel Brushes - To the deepest grooves

Wheel brush comparison 2018: rims

Car care made easy: With the right rim brush you can clean even the narrowest gaps.

Wheel cleaning brushes are shaped so that you can reach even the deepest spaces in your car rims.

So that no nasty scratches occur during tire care, most brush heads are made of plastic and very soft. Now and then manufacturers also offer sponge brushes, which are usually even more yielding. On the other hand, metal bristles are absolutely unsuitable and way too aggressive - so you should definitely refrain from using such models if you want to avoid scratches.

The disadvantage of soft brushes: Although they protect the rims from scratches, particularly stubborn dirt can not be removed with a plastic or sponge brush alone. In order to achieve an optimal cleaning result, you should therefore additionally rely on special cleaning agents.

Which rim brush you should choose depends primarily on the nature of your rims. That's why in the second chapter we will focus on the different types of rims.

2. Which rim types are there?

The most common rims materials include steel and aluminum. The following table provides information about the special properties of both types:

aluminum rims

Wheel brush comparison 2018: wheel

  • Alloy rims are usually made of aluminum, occasionally they are made of magnesium alloys.
  • Conventional alloy wheels are cast and then provided with a paint seal.
  • Also Chromalufelgen (short: chrome rims) are enjoying increasing popularity: Compared to common aluminum wheels, these are not painted, but covered with a light chrome layer, which is particularly good to protect against hot brake dust.
  • Unlike steel, aluminum does not rust, but is much more sensitive - For cleaning we therefore recommend an extra-soft aluminum rim brush.
steel wheels

Wheel brush comparison 2018: wheel

  • Steel rims are - as the name implies - made of rolled steel.
  • Every now and then they are covered laterally by a plastic wheel cap.
  • They belong to the basic equipment of many cars.
  • Steel rims are comparatively cheap, but optically do not make as much as aluminum or chrome alloy rims.
  • Since steel rims are relatively insensitive, slightly less soft rim brushes can be used for cleaning.

3. Purchase criteria for wheel brushes: Pay attention to size, material and workmanship

Electric rim brushes?

... there are also, but are rather rare. If you have a high-pressure cleaner, you can take a look around for the appropriate wheel wash tips (available from Kärcher, for example). These are mounted on the high-pressure gun and thus allow a particularly thorough cleaning.

Pay particular attention to the fact that this is properly processed when buying your personal wheel brush test winner. Especially cheap wheel brushes often have no long life - so do not save on the wrong end, then survives the brush more than a cleaning process.

As mentioned, the "bristles" should always be soft - but even softer on alloy wheels than on steel rims. This is shown by numerous rim brush tests.

But what may also be important - especially if you are busy for several hours with the cleaning of your wheel rims - is the material of the brush handle: A rubberized grip fits very well in the hand. In addition, the rubber coating ensures that the rim is not scratched or otherwise damaged on contact with the brush handle.

Tip: Isolated are also handles with so-called "splash guard". This ensures that your hand remains reasonably clean.

And last but not least: Wheel brushes are available in different sizes. Sometimes it makes sense to have several brushes to choose from. A model with a long handle and a wide brush for the larger surfaces and a small, finer brush for the narrow holes and grooves, for example. Of course, this depends on the individual nature of your rims, which you should keep in mind, moreover, when you go in search of the right brush.

Wheel brush comparison 2018: wheel

4. Cleaning Tips: This is how rim care works

The best wheel brush does not do much good if you do not know how to use it. Before you dare the big wheel brush test, you should read through the following points and take to heart:

Wheel brush comparison 2018: wheel

Rim care: First, a special rim cleaner is applied.

The rims should be considered separately from the rest of the car - especially if they are aluminum rims. To avoid damaging them, it is important to use a special wheel cleaner - for example, from our rim cleaner comparison.

We recommend a practical spray cleaner. Make sure that acidic power cleaners are not suitable for sensitive aluminum or chrome rims. In this case, it is best to resort to an acid-free solution!

Wheel brush comparison 2018: rims

Then the rim is scrubbed with the rim brush.

Depending on the brand or manufacturer, the rim cleaner is either first mixed with water or applied directly to the rims. Then let it act for about two to ten minutes. Also pay attention to the manufacturer's information.

Scrub the rims thoroughly with your wheel brush. First clean the small grooves and holes, then the coarser surfaces. Ideally, you have several, different sized brushes available. Finally, dry the rims with a soft dry cloth. Finished!

Whoever has to deal with particularly strong impurities should grab the high-pressure cleaner. You can either find this at the gas station of your choice - or you can get one yourself. To find out which device is best, we recommend a look at our high pressure washer comparison. Stiftung Warentest has also carried out a high-pressure cleaner test. Test winners were the Kärcher "K 7" and the Kränzle "HD 10/122".

What else do you need for a complete car cleaning?

Wheel brush comparison 2018: wheel

  • one or two big ones Bucket of water (best kept in a light shade, then you can see the dirt better)
  • as a car care product may be the appropriate shampoo Not missing: mixed with water, it dissolves the dirt from the paint surface
  • one Wash mitt and / or microfibre cloths
  • possibly also one car brush, which can be mounted on the garden hose and cleans thanks to the water flow particularly efficient
  • on drying cloth to "scuffing" the car after the wash
  • car polishAfter washing, you should polish your car to protect the paint and prevent unsightly cracks - even if it is annoying to many, the car paint care must under no circumstances be neglected

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