Rim tree comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the rim tree comparison or test 2018

  • Rim trees are used to store complete vehicle wheels and save a lot of storage space in the basement or garage compared to tire wall mountings.
  • Rim trees have four support plates that can accommodate a total of four wheels consisting of vehicle wheelset.
  • Depending on the type, the rims have wheels and a protective cover, whereby the former simplifies the transport of tires after the tire has been replaced, while the latter offer protection against dust and water ingress and thus against rust.

Rim tree comparison 2018: comparison

Drivers who are not using all-season tires know the problem: as soon as the winter season begins, the summer tires must be down and the winter tires on it. The whole game then repeats in the spring, but in reverse order. there takes a summer or winter tire set relatively much space, which means that the basement, the garage or the tire dealer are used as garaging. However, since the latter represents an additional cost factor and usually requires a fee for the storage of tires, it is worthwhile herea cheap alternative: the rim.

We would like to recommend you our rim tree comparison 2018, in which we have chosen the best rim tree for you. In addition, you will receive from us a purchase advice with important tips such as the benefits of a rim and the decisive for the use of information regarding the wheel sizes. Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to our other product comparisons on this topic:

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1. The rim-tree - Wellness and relaxation for the tires

What does the tire specification in the vehicle?

Tire specifications of the type "185/60 R15" give the tire width and the slash-like ratio of Tire height and width on. R means thereby radial tires, followed by the indication of Rims in Size.

Rim tree comparison 2018: 2018

Especially with summer tires with aluminum wheels, a wheeled rim provides ideal storage properties.

For weight reasons, aluminum is mainly used for the manufacture of rims. As a storage option for vehicle wheels offer rims trees a high space saving potential. Especially car owners, who use a cellar or a garage and only have a small floor space, can use the limited space optimally thanks to the mobile bracket.

The suitable for the storage of various wheel tire combinations tire stand is often referred to as a tire tree, rims tree, rim stand, tire holder or rim holder. It allows for a rim shelf or a wall mount for a particularly space-saving and gentle storage for tires.

This is mainly due to the fact that the four bearing the weight of the tire support plates of the stator allow relief thereof during storage. This prevents them from deforming or creating pressure points or imbalances, which can make the tire unusable.

Another advantage is beside the low risk of scratches on the rims in the protection against condensation. Thanks to the separate bearing surfaces this can not arise, which is no fear of corrosion on the rims.

For correct tire storage, we would also like to suggest the following tips so that your tires remain mobile for as long as possible and can offer optimum driving characteristics over the entire service life. Please note the following:

  • The perfect storage location for tires is a basement or garage, because the environment should be cool and dry.
  • Protect the tires from direct sunlight, otherwise the rubber will become porous faster.
  • Store the tires in a raised position and away from lubricants or solvents.

2. What should be considered when buying a rim tree?

2.1. Permitted tire and rim sizes

Rim tree comparison 2018: tires

Whether tires with aluminum or steel rims: A tire tree relieves the tire, since no pressure points can arise during storage.

If you want to buy a rim tree, you should first make sure that the wheels intended for storage which have been approved by the manufacturer of the rim tree for use tire and rim size.

Depending on the type, a tire stand can accommodate rims with different inch sizes, with the maximum permissible size besides 17 can also be 18 or even 21 inches.

As our comparison has shown, most of the rims are approved for storage of rims with a maximum of 18 or 21 inches, which promises a wide range of applications and should also be of interest to owners whose vehicles are driven with different summer and winter wheel dimensions.

Thus, most rims trees are both for the storage of wheels, which at Vehicles in the small, compact, middle and upper class are used; as well as wheels that are used by delivery vans, off-road vehicles or vans.

  • The maximum allowed Tire width is usually 225 mm, whereby rim trees are suitable for complete wheels with the specification 225/50 R 17, but at the same time also for wheels of size 225/45 R 17 or smaller inch dimensions may be used.
  • Is the highest allowable Tire width, however, 255 mm, so the rim can take in addition to the already mentioned Radreifenkombinationen about also wheels of size 255/35 R19, which are used for example in sportier vehicle models.

Tip: If in doubt, you will find the correct wheel designation in your vehicle documents. In the registration certificate Part 1 these are boxes 15.1 to 15.3, whereas for vehicles whose holder still has a registration certificate, this information can be found under points 20 to 23.

2.2. additional equipment

Rim tree comparison 2018: 2018

If you want to buy a rim tree cheap, you do not necessarily have to carry out a rim tree test yourself before buying, if you rely on a renowned manufacturer such as Cartrend.

Depending on the category, rims can also be used be equipped with additional roles. These offer above all the advantage that the wheels can be stowed directly on the stand after the change and thus easier to transport to their storage location.

Mobile rim holders can protect against unintentional rolling away be equipped with an additional brake, which works much like the parking brake on a car.

Moreover, there are certain rims also available with protective covers. These serve not only to protect against dust, but also from water deposits, which may be caused by a dripping blanket. In addition to avoiding rust on the rims, the tires are also protected.

Depending on the scope of supply, some models still offer more featuresas shown below:

tires flag

Rim tree comparison 2018: 2018

  • is used to mark the wheels and is often marked with the abbreviations VR, VL, HR and HL (front right, front left, rear right, back left), which mean the mounting position on the vehicle.
Tread depth gauge

Rim tree comparison 2018: 2018

  • serves to determine the actual tread depth of the tire. This must be at least 1.6 mm in Germany.

2.3. Weight and height

Rim tree comparison 2018: 2018

Mobile tire holders have wheels and an additional handle.

Weigh standing rims without rollers thanks to its lightweight construction only approx. 2 kg, What makes an adjustment of the tree even for physically weaker people a breeze.

A rim tree with wheels, however, has via an additional mobile base, which increases the total weight. The mobility gained increases the weight to about 6 to 7 kg, which is equivalent to three times a stand without rollers.

Concerning the height remains to note that This usually varies between 100 cm and 130 cm, which means that the stand can be used in rooms with normal standing height and can be easily loaded.

3. Which rim tree manufacturers are there?

Although Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a rim-tree test yet, we would like to remind you that a manufacturer must be a member of the selection of your personal rim-tree test winner. For this we offer you the following overview, in which you can find recommendable brands such as the car accessories manufacturer Cartrend as well as other manufacturers.

  • Dino
  • Cartrend
  • Autonik
  • D & S sales GmbH
  • Jago
  • TecTake
  • Formula
  • Torrex

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