Decorative design of a ring cushion for wedding rings - A flower pillow for wedding rings

Make ring pillows for the wedding rings yourself - from flowers

Decorative design of a ring cushion for wedding rings - A flower pillow for wedding rings: wedding

Wedding rings on a ring pillow with floral decoration.

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Stylish ring pillows are an important part of wedding decorations. The wedding rings on the ring cushion are given to the clergy by one of the flower children in the church. The ring exchange is the highlight of the church wedding.

Finished ring bags made of tulle, organza or satin, for example in heart shape, are standard decorations of the wedding. If that Bridal couple prefers unique wedding decorations, the ring pillow can be made by yourself.

Not only the ring pillow, but also the other wedding decorations can be made by hand. The Costs can be kept within limits and the entire decoration gets a personal, unique touch.

The ring cushion is particularly effective when the Decoration in the church and the other wedding decorations tuned tone on tone are. Pillows for the wedding rings / wedding rings can be designed in many different ways.

Flower bed as a ring pillow

The marriage rings are placed in a bed full of flowers. There will be a open floral foam heart with fresh flowers and ivy sullied. Use so much binder green when binding that the floral foam is no longer visible. In the lower part of the heart 2 flowers are put.

Be here on the wedding day the two wedding rings put in. A bow or band of organza is attached to the upper edge of the heart.

Autumnal wedding ring decoration from sunflowers

Decorative design of a ring cushion for wedding rings - A flower pillow for wedding rings: wedding

A sunflower as a wedding ring pillow

In the fall you can Sunflowers for the wedding decorations and as ring pillows serve.

The sunflower stalk comes with Tape tape or green tape wrapped. The sunflower is placed in a glass vase and the Stiel comes with a yellow bow, or bands of bast, organza or satin, decorated.

The rings are then placed in the central flower head. Secure the wedding rings with patent harbor.

Heart of moss

On Heart of moss as ring pillow is simple and simplebut very decorative. The heart is flat on one side and decorated with a wide band of organza, satin or tulle.

Securely secure the wedding rings and wrap the ribbon around the rings once. Moss hearts are also suitable for table decorations and the other wedding decorations.

Decorative design of a ring cushion for wedding rings - A flower pillow for wedding rings: ring

Make flower heart as ring pillow

Heather heart as ring pad

Also suitable for heart-shaped ring pads are heather plants (Erika). Even when dried, these retain Planting their radiant colors over several weeks.

The individual branches are very stable in themselves, so they themselves easy to process original creations to let. A step-by-step instructions for creating a heart wreath of heather flowers can be found in our pages for decoration on Valentine's Day.

Tip: The blanks for the described crafting ideas, as well as the necessary embellishments of ribbons, ribbons and tulle are available for easy ordering at

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